Ava and Pip by Carol Weston

I love books about words and I love fun stories about sisters. Ava and Pip by Carol Weston (Sourcebooks Jabberwocky, March 2014) is both of those, told through a young girl’s diary. I have always (until kids, at least) been a regular journal writer as well, so I enjoy stories told from this perspective.

Ava is the out-going younger sister, and Pip is the shy and studious older sister. Although the two get along, when Ava writes something that embarrasses Pip, their relationship is strained. How can Ava help her sister overcome her shyness? The end result is inviting and encouraging to all kids who feel shy.

The story moves quickly. Other than the conflicts between Ava and her sister, it also gives us a delightful glimpse into the Wren family. As Ava writes in her diary, we follow their family’s interest (obsession?) with palindromes. Ava finds palindromes¬†in everything around her, and the author includes a list of all the palindromes from the book at the end. What a great way to introduce a word-play concept: sneak it in to an interesting book!

In short, I really enjoyed Ava and Pip. I was the shy older sister; my sister was the outgoing younger sister. I think this is a book that girls with sisters would especially appreciate.

Note: I received a digital review copy.

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Rebecca Reid

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