Blogging Goals for the Coming Year

Book Blogger Appreciation Week’s topic today is to be about our blogging goals for the coming year. It is supposed to be concise, in 50 words or less. You may have noticed, but I’m not concise. Anyway, I included my goals in brief and then my goals explained.

My goals in 28 words:

Request fewer free books; join fewer giveaways. Spend less time blogging. Spend greater portion of blogging time promoting the classics. Read with more focus. Join fewer organized “challenges.”


My husband does not read my blog, but he’s very supportive of my reading and my blogging habits. Because few people I know in real life express any interest in my reading and blogging, I’ve always been a bit embarrassed at calling “blogging” a hobby. Can blogging truly be compared to “scrapbooking” or “gardening”? Sometimes, in real life, I feel ashamed to admit that I spent hours every week writing posts and responding to comments on a blog.

I guess you could say, this year’s BBAW activities have helped me feel like all the time I spend blogging is actually an appropriate hobby, including the person who nominated my blog for an award in the first place, the committee that added Rebecca Reads to the shortlist for Best General Review Blog, and all the people reading and posting this week with BBAW. After this BBAW, when someone asks me what my hobbies are, I’ll have to say “I blog about books.” It is a real hobby, and I’m an active participant. It’s a hobby I don’t have to feel ashamed of.

Have you ever felt embarrassed when talking to IRL people about blogging?

Many thanks to all of you for reading along with me! It helps to know I’m not alone in reading voraciously and blogging about it.

As I explained to my husband about the BBAW “award” process, he’s been very happy for me (making the shortlist made me very giddy), but he still, as he always has, asked me what the point is.

That made me consider: What is the ultimate goal of all this blogging? Where am I heading?

About Blogging

I’m not a books blogger so I can get free books. I am still not going to use my blog to market new books for authors, publishers, or publicists; no free books will be coming my way because of my blog. That’s how I want it. If you read about a book on Rebecca Reads, it’s because a friend I trust recommended I read it or because I really wanted to read it, not because a publicist threw it my way. (Note: I’m not saying it’s wrong if you read books publicists send you; it’s just for me, the longer I’m blogging, the less I want to join in that game.)

I’m not interested in hosting giveaways. I’m not even interested in entering most giveaways. If you are reading Rebecca Reads, you probably won’t win any books. I’m house poor (i.e., any extra money is going in to new house right now), and I never even buy myself a book. (Oh, but how I’d love to!!) Further, because I have a plethora of unread books on my shelves, I will not enter other blogger giveaways for more books (of course, there are always exceptions to that one! Sometimes I really want the book!). I will giveaway on Rebecca Reads those used books I read that are in good condition, and otherwise, I’ll bookmooch them to someone else.

About the Blogosphere

I need blogging limits. This week has shown me that I’m probably one of the less active book bloggers  already (I haven’t visited everyone’s BBAW posts; I’ve only visited those of people’s who’s blogs I’m already subscribed to, although I did find myself bouncing around “meeting” new people). Despite not being a huge “blog-hopper,” I’m already feeling a bit overwhelmed. I’m going to do my best to be an active participant in the community, but I need limits. For example, I need to stop blogging while my son is awake and needing attention. Since he’s probably going to stop napping every afternoon, this may mean that I’m blogging even less in the coming year.

I want to promote the classics in the blogosphere. I want to start something. (See this post for my ideas.) This week, I’ve found some great classics blogs, and I look forward to reading those too!

About My Reading

Maybe it’s okay to not be an eclectic reader. Over the past year, I’ve been trying to read a little bit of everything, trying to expand my reading to new genres. I’ve enjoyed that, but I’m realizing that it just makes me spread thin. I’m not focused at all. I’m realizing I’m not all that interested in reading YA literature, and even children’s literature is not a key desire (although, since my son is young, there will always be some). I’m eager to read some of the classics that have been calling my name.

I want to work on my personal goals and not join as many “challenges.” As fun as challenges are, I’ve gotten sidetracked from my personal projects, and I want to remedy that. Reading should be for me, and I should be reading the books that I feel like reading now, not ones I felt like reading six months ago when I joined a challenge.

I’m pretty happy where my blog is right now. But I feel like there’s always a need to refocus every now and then! Thanks to BBAW for helping me to do so.

BBAW has been so much fun this week, and I’ve probably added more than 30 new blogs to my reader. It’s helped me stop feeling self-conscious about being a book blogger and instead proud of the time I’ve put in. It’s helped me realize the ways want to focus my reading and blogging for the future.

Thank you so much for being a part of the book blogging community! I appreciate you – and I’m looking forward to another year of reading and blogging!

What have you enjoyed most about BBAW this year?

About the author 

Rebecca Reid

Rebecca Reid is a homeschooling, stay-at-home mother seeking to make the journey of life-long learning fun by reading lots of good books. Rebecca Reads provides reviews of children's literature she has enjoyed with her children; nonfiction that enhances understanding of educational philosophies, history and more; and classical literature that Rebecca enjoys reading.

  1. I don’t talk to people IRL about my blogging. Although I think, deep down, that people would be surprised at first and then never mention it again or even read my blog. I don’t know, maybe someday I will be okay with it.

    I agree with many of your goals. I have got to stop accepting books so much. I don’t have time to do all I want to do.

    I also don’t hold many giveaways, even ones that are taken care of by publishers and not me. I get all out of gear when it comes to posting deadlines and picking winners. Then I worry that they won’t get what they won. Yeah, I overthink things.

    I feel really guilty about the time spent of the computer too. I think I need to work on quality, not quantity.

  2. I’m one of those dorks who will talk to anyone about book blogging. I’ve made so many friends and I love it so much that I’m very enthusiastic about it, and oftentimes I have friends say it’s a great idea and they want to start oen too. They don’t always, but at least I get them thinking. I have started several friends book blogging, so yay!

    I feel like your blog is pretty focused, from an outside point of view.

  3. I think all of the goals/resolutions you’ve set for yourself are all really fair and reasonable, and I certainly agree with many (if not all) of them! I am certainly right there with you in terms of global challenges – they really don’t appeal to me, because I am such a proponent of reading books at the right time, when I’m in the mood for them, and I’d hate to feel like I was slogging through books just to check them off of an arbitrary list. I don’t really see the point in that kind of reading, and to be honest, I would hate to ever feel like my reading is a chore. As much as I appreciate the blog community, I have to read first for myself, and that means choosing and reading the books I want to read!

    I think at times book blogging can be a double-edged sword. We blog about books because we love books, but sometimes the pressure to post frequently can overshadow the whole reason we blog in the first place. One thing I have begun to question in the past few weeks (and I think you are too in this post) is “who am I as a reader?” I think that when I look back at the end of this year and take stock of everything I’ve read, it will be enlightening, but will also suggest a direction for change in 2010. I’ve read more this year than I ever have, yet I can’t help but feel like my reading has been somewhat dissatisfying overall. I think I need to get back to why it is that I read, what are the books that fulfill me, and work on developing myself as a reader. Like you, I think I’ve felt I’ve been spread a little thin. It’s great to see there’s so much diversity across the blogosphere, it’s good to become aware of what our literary blindspots might be… but at the same time, I think I sometimes become oversaturated by other people’s recommendations, even if their reading tastes are perhaps not all that similar to mine. My goal is to become a more critical reader of blogs, at least when it comes to deciding whether a book that someone else has raved about is really a good fit for me.

    I’ll stop monopolizing your comments now, but clearly I think you said a lot of stuff here that makes sense!

  4. Sometimes we have to take the time to put things into perspective, don’t we? I love you blog just the way it is, and I love that you want to promote classics! You know I’ll be following along!!


  5. I really want to make the classics challenge a more active one. There is SO much interest, but I found myself not having as much time as needed this past year. There are well over 100 participants and even though the challenge is over next month people are still emailing me to join. Amazing. So, please promote the classics with me (you do a better job anyway).

    And yes, I don’t like talking about blogging in real life. People don’t understand and I don’t like the sideways looks. Did a post about this a few months ago and many people felt the same way. Sad in a way.

  6. “to be come a more critical reader of blogs” – now that’s a good idea.

    Very few people know who the Amateur Reader is, which is, obviously, quite deliberate. Wuthering Expectations does not even have a real address – so no review copies, no freebies, no giveaways. Most of what I read comes from the library.

    None of this is meant as advocacy. Other people do very well with quite different setups. Let a thousand book blogs bloom.

    I, too, was surprised at how useful BBAW was for me this year.

  7. I actually still feel weird mentioning I blog to people in real life. I told a few about being shortlisted for a BBAW award, but even that felt odd. And I’ll occasionally bring up my blog with fellow journalism students or professors, but I don’t know, it’s different. I do think that BBAW does a lot to make bloggers feel welcome and like their hobby isn’t so weird.

    I’m glad you’ve taken a stance on the blogging/publishing thing and free books. I only started getting real offers from publishers in the last 2-3 months, and I still don’t know what to do about it. I like free books, but I feel sort of bought and I wonder if my blog stops reflecting me if I start reflecting what a publishing or book tour company is trying to promote. Clearly, my reviews of free books are still going to be honest and as fair as I can make them, but it still feels weird. I’m still pondering…

    Anyway, awesome post!

  8. I really love this post, Rebecca. It echoes so much of how I feel. I don’t really talk about my blog to people IRL too, but for my husband. I know a few friends who visit, but some of the others, I just mention to them in passing and it never gets brought up again, which is the way I much rather prefer.

    I’ve been thinking a lot about life vs blogging and it really is a challenge to juggle both. Hope you do well in your goals.

  9. Hey all (except Amanda and others to whom this doesn’t apply), How come we feel bad about our hobby? Are gardeners embarrassed? Why is “scrapbooking” okay and book blogging embarrassing? Just wondering, cuz that is how what I’ve wondered.

    Chris, With the giveaways, it’s think it’s just the “follower” thing I don’t like. I want to be nice to my blogging “friends,” not the strangers who stop by for a free book.

    Amanda, I think it’s awesome that you’re so excited about book blogging! Most of the people I’ve mentioned it to don’t really show any interest, and I think my family (mother, sister, etc.) all wonder why I’m not being more “productive” so that imposed guilt I guess transfers over to my conversations. I think it’s great that your so excited! I want to be less embarrassed because seriously, like I say above, why is this any different than my sister and her scrapbooking parties?

    I’m glad you think my blog is focused. I look at what I started as and feel I’ve been sidetracked, but we’ll see how the coming year goes. I don’t want *more* organization!

    Steph, I think you hit the nail on the head with “oversaturated.” I know I am: I add 20+ books to my TBR every week just by reading blogs. And then I read at most 3 a week. (Last week, I didn’t finish any.) That’s just a bit much.

    When I started blogging, I wasn’t going to do ANY challenges. LOL! That didn’t last long. They are just so tempting, and they sound like fun!

    Lezlie, thanks for following along! I do appreciate it, and I’m glad you like it how it is!

    Trish, I’ll have to look in to the classics challenge too! I do look forward on working on getting them out there more, somehow!

    Amateur Reader, I’m a huge library reader. I have tons of books I own that I’ve never read, and yet I end up going to the library!

    I do think the key to balance needs to be “critical” reading of blogs, i.e., not read every single one. But I don’t want to leave anyone out!!

  10. Kim, I think your blog is awesome since it relates so well to your major and work and all! I’m surprised that even you feel awkward talking it about it!

    I’ve always said “no” to review copies. (Although I did entertain the first offer I got when I first started. I thought about it for a day before I decided I didn’t want any.) But this week and last I’ve gotten about ten emails from authors and publishers and publicists. So I made mine in really bold print on my about page. However, apparently they don’t read about pages; they just get email addresses and keep it on a list. ah well.

    Re: ARCs. There is always choice in reading and reviewing and people choose to read those ARCs and that’s fine. But I do think reviewing ARCs is choosing to be a marketer for a publisher/author/etc. THEY ARE ADVERTISING, and that’s what they need to realize. I personally wouldn’t mind to promote some books myself, which is why I’m going to campaign for the classics this coming year.

    claire, I guess I prefer not to talk about blogging much either with IRL people! But it feels more real when someone does mention it.

    Since I posted this this morning, I haven’t been very good at balancing my time. But I have a year to work on balance!

  11. Rebecca, like you, one thing I’ve appreciated about BBAW this year is that it also got me thinking about what direction I want my blog to take!

    Your thoughts are all good, but I worry a little about your statement “spend less time blogging” because I enjoy your posts :-). Maybe you mean that if you are more focused on what you truly like to blog about, you’ll be more efficient with the actual time spent writing??

  12. When I’ve tried to talk to my real life friends about blogging, they just get a glazed look in their eyes, so I’ve just given up. I think that’s why I find joy in the community.

  13. Sometimes I think that only bloggers read blogs :-). Whenever I talk to people I know IRL, they don’t read blogs and wouldn’t read one if you invited them to. “Why would you want to read something written by someone you don’t know and who isn’t even famous?” I think that’s why most of us don’t mention our blogs.

    My reading list comes almost exclusively from the library, mainly because I am cheap. It would kill me to buy a book and then end up hating it, and I don’t want to spend money on postage for a service like Bookmooch.

  14. The Seamstress

    I definitely consider blogging a hobby, so if people ask me what my hobbies are I mention it. But I don’t bring it up in random conversations. 🙂 I’m glad you’re not ashamed anymore!

    I occasionally accept ARCs or review copies, although not that often-only when a book really sounds like it would mesh with my reading style. 🙂 And if I end up not liking it, I have no problem abandoning it and e-mailing the author/publisher! Every time that’s happened, they’ve agreed it’d be best to simply not review it.

    I don’t host giveaways either, because I have no money! 🙂 I just culled my bookshelves, and I would have loved to offer some of the books up, but realistically I can’t spend much on shipping and I feel bad limiting it to the US. So I’m donating them all to the library instead. I only enter giveaways when I really want the book! And I never do the ‘extras’ to get more entries. In fact, that kind of turns me off giveaways…although I understand why people do it.

    I’ve been on the fringes of BBAW as well-I haven’t visited many blogs I don’t know (just ones that my fave blogs mentioned on Monday), and even then I skipped over all of the Wed. memes. For me, since I’m sick and stuck at home all day w/o much to do, I have more time to devote to the blogosphere. I’m sure once I get healthy again that’ll change!

    I’ve also realised that I’m not a huge YA fan, and as for children’s lit I mainly just enjoy rereading my own favourites. There are definitely some YA books that I like-especially those by POC authors or with an urban fantasy element-but it’s never going to be my favourite genre. I’m glad you said it’s ok to not be eclectic-I think I forget that sometimes and try to like every genre!

    Unlike you, I still love challenges, but I think that’s because I pick ones/make reading lists that mesh with my personal goals. So reading books for a challenge is also helping me diversify/read about new countries/etc.

    And now I’m done writing a blog post in response to your goals. Must write up my own instead!

  15. Wow. Wow. Wow. This is so much a part of my own philosophy to a T.

    I’m not a books blogger so I can get free books. Check.

    I’m not interested in hosting giveaways. I’m not even interested in entering most giveaways. Check.

    I need blogging limits. Check. A special check here since I’ve had five to six blogs going at same time in past. Now I primarily have four, with one of those crossposting on the other one, so three and not blogging every day. Obviously.

    I want to promote the classics in the blogosphere. Check. Why waste time on the latest fads? Too many good, old books out there.

    Maybe it’s okay to not be an eclectic reader. Check. I’ve learned that I’m pretty much a mystery reader. So be it. Deal with it, folks. 😉

    I want to work on my personal goals and not join as many “challenges.” Check, and amen, amen, preach it, sister. I’m only in three challenges right now and only two whole-heartedly at this point.

    Any time you want to go off on these topics again, please do. More book bloggers need to hear the truth and be set free. 🙂

  16. These are some great goals, Rebecca, very much in line with my way of thinking. BBAW has been great fun, but it was clear to me very quickly that I couldn’t visit that many new blogs and that there are a lot of very good blogs out there that simply don’t appeal to me. I’d rather read and leave substantive comments on blogs that I enjoy (like yours) than hop around and visit everybody just for the sake of it. Like Eva, I visited blogs that my favorite bloggers recommended and added some of those to my reader, and time will tell if they prove to be ones I want to read regularly.

    I’m pondering the ARC question. I do request or accept them from time to time, if it’s a book I’m pretty sure I’d like, but I’m getting a lot choosier. I’ve considered stopping entirely, or limiting my review copies to LibraryThing Early Reviewers, but I do enjoy getting to read something new, and I consider it a service to readers to sometimes talk about the new stuff that’s actually front and center at the bookstores. (Not, I might add, a service everyone needs to, or should, provide.) Plus, I do enjoy it, although I wouldn’t weep if the review copies went away. My main commitment in that area is to stay honest if I don’t like something and not let the new stuff take over. (Right now, I feel like it has, but that’s mostly because of all the Booker nominees I’ve been reading.) I love the classics, and I love delving into authors’ backlists, and I wouldn’t want to deny myself those pleasures just for the sake of some free books.

  17. Rebecca, you feel embarrassed about blogging as compared to scrapbooking? I mean, not to be harsh toward scrap-bookers, but…I would lighten up on yourself, lady! What you do requires careful attention, critical thought, and a warmth and welcoming-ness towards other members of the community: all super-valuable traits to develop. I definitely talk about blogging in my regular life…but then again, my partner is a web artist/graphic designer, so he doesn’t really have trouble understanding why I do what I do! 🙂

    Personally, for me reading – and thinking critically and reflecting deeply on what I read – is more than a hobby; it’s my main spiritual practice, which is how I talk about it to people in my life. It’s what brings me into communion with the best in the world, and allows me to face the worst…which, I think, makes it easier for people to understand why I do it. But really, even if it’s just a way to pass the time, I think reading and writing about the reading life is a totally respectable hobby. More power to you, lady!

  18. Valerie, aw, thanks. Well, I think I just need to cut back/balance better. My son isn’t going to be 23 months old for much longer. And then he’ll only be 2 yrs old, etc. I don’t want to miss it!

    Kathy, I haven’t given them much chance, but the few I have talked to, yeah. I’m with you there.

  19. Dani, I use bookmooch because I like the convenience of no due dates for some books. But I mostly just like to have them available for whenever I feel like reading them! I accept the fact that they will be cheap if they are from boochmooch–half I’ve gotten have fallen apart!

    Eva, thank you for all your comments! I feel bad about the shipping only US (on Bookmooch) so I ship anywhere if I give it away on my blog! But I don’t give away that many books. Most of them aren’t in good enough condition.

    I think I do *like* every genre, but I just don’t have that much time in my life to read them all. So I feel like I need to make more choices. Read some of the other genres, but FOCUS on something. This next year, I think it will be classics.

    Yeah, like I tweeted, I LOVE challenges and making lists, but I never get to them in the challenge time. It just distracts me from what I’d prefer to read at that moment. I don’t know. We’ll see how it goes.

    unfinishedperson, glad to find a kindred spirit in the books blogging community!!

  20. Teresa, I do think there is a place for ARCs, I just know I don’t really want to put them forefront for me. As you say, I don’t want to pass up books I really want to read for some free books, and it’s all about choice in the end!

    Emily, LOL! Thanks for the reassurance. It’s just that my mom and sister, when they get together, sit and scrapbook, and then I say things about my books blog and they kind of stare at me with pursed lips. So I guess in my family, it’s very ok to be a scrapbooker (my sister is one of those “demonstrators”) and not so cool to be a books blogger.

    thanks for the pep talk, though, it really is great to know that I’m not along in thinking scrapbook=lame and books blogging=super cool.

  21. I haven’t been in the book blogging community for very long, but from what I have seen, I really worry abotu the whole community of ARCs, giveaways, etc. It kind of feels like, to me at least, like the publishers are treating a community of people like a big marketing tool. Goodreads? OK, it’s a business,I understand it’s there to make money. But something about giveaways of books just feels… I don’t know, dangerous in a weird way. I’m probably just crazy. There are, I have to admit, some blogs I’ve out and out avoided, just because I felt like they were trying to sell me something – not on purpose, in fact, really out of the goodness of their hearts since all these giveaways are free, you know, but still…

    Like I said, I haven’t been in the community that long, so I’m probably just not very perceptive…

  22. Great goals Rebecca! 😉

    We have very different blogging erm, habits as you know. I don’t particularly enjoy the classics of yesterday all the time (though I’m happy to read them occasionally) but who knows maybe I’m reading the classics of tomorrow. 😉

    90 percent of the books I review on my blog are review copies. I do not feel like I’m trying to sell anyone anything, though, I’m reading books people offered to send me. Does that shape the what I read? Absolutely. But I read two books the past couple of months I’d have probably never discovered on my own that were excellent and gave me that wonderful reading experience.

    Everything about book blogging has changed the way I read for the better from reading other’s recommendations to reading review copies 🙂

    But it’s not for everyone…I get that and I’m glad you feel like you’re finding your niche. But most importantly, I”m glad that BBAW has made you feel like book blogging is a hobby you can openly embrace!

  23. Jason, I think part of the genius of ARCs to book bloggers (in terms of publishers) is the bloggers don’t feel like they are marketing books (see Amy’s comment). Maybe a better word to use is promote, which those bloggers wouldn’t mind using, I don’t think. BUT, as I said, I don’t think there’s anything horribly wrong with marketing a book, so it doesn’t worry me that much. I personally intend to talk up / market classics in the coming months, because I think their worth it. Obviously, those who read ARCs straight from a publisher think they are worth writing about and promoting on their blog!! THEY LOVE IT!

    Don’t give up on the humanity of book bloggers completely just because you don’t want ARCs. don’t be too afraid.

    I have to agree, Jason, about the scary impact of outrageous giveaways people promote for publishers. I think it takes a bit of personality out of a blog and makes it more corporate. But, I don’t read those blogs, so I guess it really doesn’t matter in my big picture!

    Amy, thank you so much for all your work with BBAW! I really have enjoyed it, and I think the thing I learned this time around is that there are bloggers who do have blogging habits just like mine! So I don’t have to feel bad about disliking ARCs, or not reading blogs that do! I’m really glad the whole ARCs thing is such a delight for you.

  24. And Jason, I was going to add, it seems to me that tons of people are expressing “ARC burn out” so I have a feeling the coming year will be more “I’m reading this because I want to read it” focused.

  25. Rebecca, I’m still new to the whole blogging thing, so I appreciate your goals. I agree with you on the challenges. It’s something I said I would never do. I do read ARCs, only because up until January, almost all I read was classics. Up until recently, I was embarrassed about my blog and didn’t want to talk about it with anyone. I’ve gotten better about this in recent weeks and am not afraid to brag that I blog for a hobby. It’s something I enjoy doing, and I agree that we should not be afraid to tell others!

  26. Sorry if I came off as paranoid and/or antagonistic on there… :P. I’m in the middle of reading ‘Capital’ is my only excuse ;). To reply to what Ms Amy said – I don’t mean to imply that people that DO review ARCs are bad. If I was into a genre that was still publishing, heck, I’d probably end up doing it. I don’t think book bloggers are a problem. And I don’t automatically hate a blog just because it has giveaways and reviews ARCs – after all, I read Ms Amy’s blog :D. It’s more… I work for a publisher, and it’s a very disillusioning process, in that you see what the drivers are on a day to day basis, and while some people in a publishing business genuinely love books and good writing, a business is by definition out to earn money – not improve the world. And that money basis in publishing (really a somewhat new thing – in the first half of the century even, publishing was kind of an artsy gentleman’s business, run for th elove of the thing) seems to have brought so many bad things with it, that I get suspicious when the industry is involved. Businesses want tools, and they want tools they can control. Control is very subtle, and the Book Blogging world is so wonderful, I just worry for it, that’s all. Like I said, I probably just need to go read a cheerful economist, like Adam Smith, and get over myself ;).

  27. Am I the only one who’s not embarrassed of blogging being a hobby? They may not get it but they all know about it. I don’t bring up blogging in our conversations though simply because I don’t want to bore them to death. But it comes up.

    Great goals. Mine is to just relax more. Blogging has been great to find new books. My reading has been expanded in so many ways.

  28. I love this post. Everything you say makes so much sense to me. I too am quite shy about mentioning my blog to IRL friends. I too don’t get into the giveaway thing and though I love getting ARCs, I just read the ones I really want to. And challenges for me are only about reading what’s already on my list. Yep. Yep.

    BUT… I love YA. YA and classics and new stuff and…..oh, pretty much everything! 🙂

  29. I love the way you do your own thing in the blogging world. I think a lot of people are worried about fitting in and so do things that they wouldn’t normally do. I think it is important to have your own identity and I love the fact that you promote classic books. Keep up the good work!

  30. Michelle, I haven’t read nearly enough classics yet, so that’s why I’m going to focus on them! I really think BBAW has helped us thrive in being bloggers for our hobbies!

    Jason, thanks for the clarifications! I too am a bit weary of all the support of publishers: they’re just businesses as you say. I think you have good points. I’m in all this for the words on the page, myself!

    Natasha, no, you’re not the only one! Some others have spoken up in the comments!! I like the idea to relax more! Well said.

    Suey, I know, that’s what I realize. People love YA. I’m just not drawn to it. Ah well. I’ll give the best of the best a try again this year.


  31. Jackie, I swear I had a comment written out….where did it go?! I just said, I’m glad you like what I’m doing, because I’m not intending to change too much!!

  32. What a great post! So much of what you say mirrors my own feelings about blogging … more classics, no ARCs, blogging limits, challenges. I’m still sort of new to blogging, but my goals for the coming year are all about balance. There’s got to be a better way to balance blogging and reading blogs with family, just plain reading, and, of course, real life!

  33. Great goals, Rebecca! Clearly you’ve put a lot of time into analyzing what you do, and why you do it.

    I’ve realized that challenges in general aren’t my “thing.” I may be inclined to read a particular subject, or across an author’s body of work, but I’ll be far less likely to join challenges in 2010.

    It’s true that we each have our own goals and style of blogging. Nice that BBAW allowed you to take another look at where you are and where you want to be.

  34. I don’t normally mention my blog IRL either. It’s not that I’m embarrassed, it’s just that…well, I don’t want people I see everyday to read it 😛 In a weird way, I feel like I’m more myself online than I am in person, and it’d be weird to have people see this side of me through my blog. If we become close friends then they WILL see it, and that’s another story. But I don’t want acquaintances or even not-so-close friends reading my blog.

    Good luck with your goals, Rebecca. I’m with you on wanting to join fewer challenges. In fact, I might make 2010 the year of no challenges.

  35. Great post Rebecca. I have enjoyed reading it and all the responses to it.

    Books, reading, literature (and I have a broad taste) are my main interests, and I come from a family of readers and have read since I can remember. But blogging…well, I am alone doing that amongst most of my friends and family – I only have a couple of friends who are also blogging (though not about books, but about Egyptology, food and the more diary-every-day-life-blog). Speaking about blogging to all other people gives them that glazed look others mention above! I don’t mind talking about blogging, I just don’t have many to talk about it.

    I have never been offered any free copies, have never been contacted by any authors or publishers, and now I feel left out 😉 LOL. Seriously, I have long since decided that I am not blogging for “money” or free gifts, but I think it is fine if others want to do that. Publishers would also have to send books to Denmark, and I not sure they would not like that.

    Since I am blogging from Denmark with a not so active book-blogosphere, I also struggle with the language sometimes. I know that I am perfectly understandable, and to write a “normal” post doesn’t really take me longer than doing it in Danish. But I do have a goal of blogging with more quality, and then I am, literally speaking, often finding myself at a loss for words. I can easily write a fun meme and a short review, but I am unable to take it further when doing something like Weekly Geeks, Bloggiesta or Blog Improvement Project.

    Meaning that I CAN take it further, but it simply takes me too long doing it, writing it. I will however try, and to he££ with the faulty grammar and the spelling mistakes.

    I would love to be able to make some better reviews, not just being a mere overview of what the book was about without spoiling too much. I am going to make that a goal of mine.

    I also struggle finding time. I love to blog and yes, many times when I have whined about this, people tell me, that blogging should be fun. And I agree. And for the most part, it is. Great fun, and I adore my bookish blogging friends. But the time…..I don’t have the time. And when I don’t have the time, then I haven’t got the time to visit other blogs, and when I am not doing that, I remain somewhat unknown, and have less visitors. So it all works in a cycle. I need to find time to both post meaningful posts and also to visit all those good blogs out there and leave meaningful comments. Otherwise I’ll never get any comments or activity myself. Its as easy as that, and THAT is why I sometimes whine.

    I have had a very busy real life all this year, and will continue to be busy for probably the rest of the year. But for now another goal will be visiting blogs even though I am not able to write any posts myself, just to show that I am still alive 🙂

    Have a great Sunday and thanks again for a great post.


  36. I only talk about my blog with a few friends. Most people in my life don’t “get it,” just like they don’t understand how much I love to read, so it’s easier just to avoid the whole subject.

    I’m looking forward to seeing how the Dead Authors Tour evolves…I’d love to participate!

  37. Joann, I think a lot of people are echoing your “balance” statement this year! Maybe the week-long festivities did us in!!

    Dawn, Yes, challenges work and not. I just love them. But I never get them done!

    Nymeth, I think I think the same thing: I don’t want people I know not-too-well to see this side of me! I completely relate.

    I’m sad at the thought of so many people doing no challenges! But I completely understand.

    Louise, Do you want me to forward my spam emails to you? That’s what they are. And annoying…Kudos to you for blogging, even when it’s hard — and a foreign language! It’s enough to find time for blogging without the added struggles, so thank you for being a part of the community for as much time as you can be! We all understand limits and balance.

    Thanks for visiting! I do appreciate it. And we’re here to read along when you do have time to write on your blog.

    Softdrink, I’m with you on people not understanding what I mean by “I read.” I’ll put your name down for the tour!

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