Alright, so I’m going to try yet more social media. I signed up for Instagram last night.

I’ll be posting photos of what I’m reading, games and homeschooling stuff we’re playing or I’m creating, and other non-kid pictures of my life.

I’m still over at Pinterest (mostly pinning educational ideas) and Twitter (not tweeting as often as I have in the past).

My Facebook page is mainly education and homeschooling.

What is your favorite social media? Are you on Instagram?


Ultimate Blog Challenge!

This month, Rebecca Reads will be participating in the Ultimate Blog Challenge.


The idea of this challenge is to get in the habit of writing and posting every day! Don’t worry, I won’t post if I don’t have something great to say to you! I just need to post 31 times in July and I plan on doing that.

I have a lot of book reviews in the works, and I’m still reading. My goal in joining this challenge is to get back to regular blogging and sharing with you, my readers! So far, I’m eager to get reading and writing.

Are you interested in joining in with me?


May in Review: Back to the Grindstone

readingjournalJust after my daughter was born in 2012, a friend told me in all honesty that it takes a full two years to feel like yourself again after a baby joins your family. Well, it’s been just over two years, and I feel that is true: I’m finally starting to feel like myself again, in many ways.

One way is, of course, reading. I feel like doing it again! It is hard to find time, but I finally feel the draw back to books at the end of a long day. I have watched a lot of television in the past months. It’s easier. But I am grateful that I finally feel like reading again.Continue Reading

Book Sale Finds

It used to be I’d go to a library book sale and come back with large classical tomes I was excited to read. Now a days, it is these simple childhood classics that fill my bags. The types of books I find at the book sale may change, but we’re definitely still reading around this house!


Continue Reading