Ultimate Blog Challenge!

This month, Rebecca Reads will be participating in the Ultimate Blog Challenge.


The idea of this challenge is to get in the habit of writing and posting every day! Don’t worry, I won’t post if I don’t have something great to say to you! I just need to post 31 times in July and I plan on doing that.

I have a lot of book reviews in the works, and I’m still reading. My goal in joining this challenge is to get back to regular blogging and sharing with you, my readers! So far, I’m eager to get reading and writing.

Are you interested in joining in with me?


Something in a Summer’s Day: Poetry Posts Link-up

summers-day-aug13-poetryThis is the place! If you have read and posted about poetry in August 2013, leave a link to your blog post. Learn more about this poetry project here.

Just a reminder: you can read and post about one poem, a collection of poems, an anthology, or even a nonfiction book about poetry or a poet. Leave a permalink below (that means, a link to a specific post, not just your main blog page).

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Something in a Summer’s Day: August Poetry Month

Somehow, at every library book sale I come away with poetry books: anthologies, individual authors, it doesn’t matter. Somehow I buy them!

summers-day-aug13-poetryThis year in April, I did not focus on reading poetry as I have in the past. It’s about time.

This August, I pledge to read poems and write about them on this blog.

Would you care to join me?Continue Reading

Begin with the Bard: Shakespeare Reading 2013

In 2012, I enjoyed starting off my year with a Shakespeare reading month. I have decided to go for it again, and I would love to invite other friends to join in!

In January and February 2013, I plan on starting off my 2013 classics reading year with reading books by and about the Bard. I hope to get 6-10 different things read: plays and poetry by William Shakespeare, books about the man or his plays, or adaptations for children. This last year I decided to focus on the Henry VI plays. I really enjoyed them. I am planning on dedicated a month or a month and a half to this project. I’ll read until I get ready for something new!

I have not decided yet what to focus on for his plays, but I do have a few nonfiction books I have had my eye on. In the beginning of January, I’ll post my reading plans, and I’ll invite anyone who wants to join in to do the same.

I’m hoping, somehow, I’ll find a way to make it worth your while if you do join in. A prize, perhaps in the form of books, for one of our participants? I’m still pondering the feasibility of offering a giveaway to you, my friends.

Would you like to join me in starting of with the Bard in January and February 2013?