Logic of English: Foundations (Review Continued on Line Upon Line)

Logic of English: Foundations (Review Continued on Line Upon Line)

A few weeks ago, I overheard my kindergartner talking to his baby sister.

“Are you an i, u, v, or j?” he was saying in his sweetest voice. “Because if you are, you cannot come at the end of an English word!”

This he repeated a few times over the next few minutes as he played with her toys, talked to her, and otherwise engaged in his own world of play with his sister, who was just delighted that he was nearby.

Apparently, my son internalized one of the most recent spelling rules we learned far more than I had realized. We had reviewed the rule a few mornings before this event. The manual had suggested repeating the rule in a “silly” voice and then again in another voice. I thought that was ridiculous, but I did that with my son anyway. And then, days later, he was repeating the rule to his sister without even realizing he was rehearsing his English lesson.

I will be posting more about my homeschooling curriculum on my new homeschooling blog, Line upon line.

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