History Self-Education

The following is a list of nonfiction (and a few classic) books in approximate chronological order that I’d like to read for background and information as I prepare and teach my young elementary-aged son history. Note that I have no intention of teaching my son at this level of depth! I read these books for my personal enrichment as I also teach my son. Think of it as my personal post-graduate training following the same history schedule as my son (and, in the future, my daughter as well). Links to reviews if I have read the work. Lists are in progress!

American History

(Curriculum for my son’s K4 and K year 2012-2013)

Ancient History

(Curriculum for son’s 1st grade year, 2014-2015)


Medieval History

(Curriculum for 2nd grade year, 2015-2016)


Early Modern History and Modern History

(curriculum for 3rd grade year, 2016-2017)


World Geography

(I teach generic geography before American history; I may revisit for son’s 4th grade year/Strawberry’s pre-k years, 2017-2018)


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