I’m Back and Book Miscellany

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I’m back from New Zealand! We had a wonderful time, enjoying the scenery of Fiordlands and Queenstown. Our 10-month-old loved the baby-unsafe hotel rooms, and he has been thoroughly spoiled with extra Binkie time and overall parental indulgence.

Thursday I had a few moments, so I logged in to Google Reader: more than 500 posts awaited me. I deleted some posts, bringing it down to 350. Yesterday I logged in again, only to find 520. Again, I deleted some and went to bed. This morning, there are again more than 500. I guess I don’t get any time off!

While I was gone:

I mentioned in May that a move was imminent. Well, it didn’t come when I expected it to, but it’s coming now. My international move is coming Saturday. As a result, I’m going to be a bit distracted. I will do my best to be a part of the book blogging world, but moving, finding a home, buying some furniture, and otherwise getting my family settled is going to be a priority. I’ve loved book blogging and I don’t want to stop, but, I guess you can say life gets in the way.

I’m off to read your blogs now!

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