Reading Journal (2 Sep): Vacation Prep

I was going to finish rereading Beloved last night, but instead I fell asleep. Beloved is a powerful, heart-breaking book about the effects of slavery, and while it is brutal, I love rereading it.  At this point, because I read it so many times as a late teen and college student, I feel like I know it. I haven’t reread it for probably five years, and yet, it’s still so familiar.

I finished Gulliver’s Travels and my Mormon architecture book this week, but I won’t get them reviewed until I return from my vacation to Utah. In fact, I’m going to be pretty off-line for the next few days. I’ll have my computer and I’ll respond to comments, but I won’t be Twittering (amazing how quickly that became a habit) and I won’t be checking Reader.

When I go out of town tomorrow, I doubt I’ll get much time for reading. Despite the fact that it is a vacation, it’s a “family vacation.” I don’t often get time to read during the weekends (because it’s “family time”), and this is an extended weekend. To be honest, I’m really looking forward to a non-internet, non-bookish weekend! I really feel I need a break.

Do you read while on family vacations?

I’ll probably post next Wednesday that I haven’t finished anything (other than Beloved, which has 50 pages to go and that I’ll finish tonight). I may surprise myself, though.

That said, I am taking two books with me on my trip. The first is Snow Flower and the Secret Fan by Lisa See. I’m having an IRL book club meeting at my home next Thursday, so I’ll really have to push to finish it if I don’t get any read this weekend. (I, uh, kind of forgot that I needed to read it.) I’m also taking Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens, which is the IRL book club selection for the library book club I’m hosting starting in October. I think I’ll read this book at a similar rate to how I read Gulliver’s Travels: a little bit each week.Continue Reading

August in Review

It was another great month! I read a graphic novel and some shorter books, and in the end, I’m pretty happy with the balance of fiction and nonfiction. I’m feeling like a fiction mood is about to begin. I once again can’t believe the total number of books: 16. I feel like I read less this month.

With BBAW in September, I suspect I won’t read quite as many books (I’ll be busy blog hopping and finding new favorite blogs), but I am really looking forward to that week of book blogging love.Continue Reading

An Edge in the Kitchen by Chad Ward

I needed to sharpen our kitchen knives, so I found a book to help me along, specifically, An Edge in the Kitchen: The Ultimate Guide to Kitchen Knives by Chad Ward.

Overall, I liked the information I read. I got excited about my kitchen knives! But when I went to try and sharpen my own knives according to the instructions in the book, I was a bit lost. My husband, who has sharpened kitchen knives himself before, seems to think the problem was me, and not the book. Nonetheless, for a novice knife sharpener, I’d suggest that a book is probably not a great place to start your knife sharpening education.Continue Reading

TBRs and Other Lists

The other day, I found a random box of “childhood treasures” in a closet. The most interesting thing I found in it was a folder with a number of book-related items, some old, some recent.Continue Reading