Reading Journal (4 Nov): Reading Progress and Library Loot

I know that most of the blogging world (it seems) is busy writing novels this week and apparently for the coming month. I’ve noticed it’s a lot quieter around here!

I, too, don’t have much to say this week, especially since I wrote my challenges update on Monday. I’m loving my Spice of Life kick (why had I not found Julia Child sooner?!). Here is my reading progress for the week.Continue Reading

Victorian Second Helpings (The Moonstone by Collins and North and South by Gaskell)

My experiences with Victorian novels had been quite positive, so I jumped in to read a few more. I enjoyed both The Moonstone and North and South very much.

I did give up on A Tale of Two Cities this week. While Oliver Twist seemed intuitive and easy to breeze through, Two Cities has been confusing, especially in comparison to the other novels I’m reading. Dickens keeps introducing characters and I can’t see how it fits together. I’m also completely unfamiliar with the facts, dates, and details of the French revolution, so that is a big negative to my experience. I’m certain the novel does all fit together – and that it is definitely worth reading – but I’m ready for a few non-Victorian novels before I tackle Gaskell’s Mary Barton for the upcoming Classics Circuit tour. The past few weeks of Victorians have given me a slight burnout. I feel guilty admitting it, as I’m the one promoting the Victorian Classics Circuit! Nevertheless, rest assured that I’ll revisit Two Cities in the next year at some point when I’m able to read it “fresh.” For now, I’m setting it aside.

Because Wilkie Collins and Elizabeth Gaskell are both touring the Circuit in the coming weeks, I’ve kept these reviews brief. Check out The Classics Circuit to see where the two authors are going in the future!Continue Reading

October in Review

I read a lot in October, but I’ve slowed down my blogging for fear that I’m burning out. My monthly reading list below has 21(!) books and audiobooks on it, but do notice that a few are short, with 100 pages. Of course, that said, this is the largest reading month (counting pages and audiobook hours) since I began book blogging. It’s also the first month when I’ve had eight books still waiting to be reviewed as of the first of the next month!Continue Reading

The Magic Flute by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Emanuel Schikaneder

The Magic Flute (Die Zauberflöte) by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (music) and Emanuel Schikaneder (libretto) holds a special place in my life: it was an opera my husband took me to when he was courting me. It’s been four years now, but I still feel giddy when I think about that special time when we were dating.

I’ve wanted to revisit the opera since then. I can’t exactly go to the opera these days (that’s what a baby and buying a house has done to my entertainment budget!) but I have had a wonderful time in the past few weeks visiting the opera in a number of forms.Continue Reading