A Stop in South Africa (Two Novels by Alan Paton) + Giveaway

In November, I reread Cry, the Beloved Country for my book club and then, because I loved that book so much, I read Too Late the Phalarope, also by Alan Paton.

Although I am glad I had a second experience with Paton’s South Africa, I still much preferred the first novel. I’d be happy to send you my lightly used copy of Too Late the Phalarope. See below for giveaway information.Continue Reading

Reading Journal (25 November): Unplugged Edition

Although I’ve been pretty quiet around here lately, I am still needing more of a blogging break for personal reasons. Then I saw this:

There are no rules to this challenge. Just give yourself permission to step away. And do it.

I plan on being away from email, the blog, twitter, etc. from Wednesday night until Friday night. I may check in over the weekend, and I’m planning on having some regular posts next week, but overall, I’m giving myself permission to step away for as long as I feel I need. I also am hoping for time away during the Christmas holidays. I may even make it to New York City in the next few weeks!

This also means I won’t be reading your Classics Circuit posts until next week either. Don’t worry: I’ll be around! I’ve been reading some info for the February tour and I’m still looking forward to being a part of The Classics Circuit a lot in general (since I started it…). But I’m going to give myself permission to not blog and instead go to the circus, decorate the Christmas tree, bake Christmas cookies, and otherwise build holiday traditions with my toddler, who might actually remember this year!

Are you going to unplug this week?

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Aucassin and Nicolette by an Out-of-the-Box Medieval Author

Aucassin et Nicolete was written in medieval France, but it’s not your typical roman d’amour.

I haven’t actually read any other medieval romances. My expectations of “typical” are all formed on stereotype. In many ways, Aucassin and Nicolette meets those fairy tale stereotypes. On the other hand, something goes quite “wrong” in this love story, for Aucassin seems to be a selfish weakling, a man frozen into inaction when things don’t go as he expected, and Nicolette is constantly called on to be the true heroine of the story.

I first read Aucassin and Nicolette during my first or second year of college for a history class. I loved it! I found it again this week for the Really Old Classics Challenge, and I still love it. Because I think Nicolette is such an awesome heroine, going beyond the stereotypes of Medieval France, I’ve decided to also count Aucassin and Nicolette as my first work for the Women Unbound Challenge.

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The Life of Wilkie Collins (Biographies by Clarke and Peters)

Today I welcome Wilkie Collins to my blog through the Classics Circuit.

Although I like reading classics, I don’t know much. Before August of this year, I’d never heard of Wilkie Collins! I first experienced Wilkie Collins through The Woman in White (loved it!), and I recently read The Moonstone.

For this Circuit, I decided to read about his life. Although reading two biographies does not make me an expert, it’s been fun to read reviews now that I feel I know about the man! I hope this overview of Wilkie’s life interests you too.Continue Reading