Finding Ruby Starling by Karen Rivers

When I was a kid, I always wanted a twin. Someone who would understand me perfectly. An identical twin would be perfect. Then she would completely understand what it is like to be me.

So of course, I loved Sweet Valley Twins and The Parent Trap, the latter, of course, because I did not yet know I had a twin.

Finding Ruby Starling by Karen Rivers (Arthur A. Levine Books, August 2014) is a perfect modern companion to the many other fun long lost twin stories.Continue Reading

If by David J. Smith

The world is so big, I can understand my son not understanding some concepts. I tried to explain the amount of snow that recently covered Buffalo, New York, and he just shook his head. How can he possibly understand the distance to the moon? The extent of the universe?

If by David J. Smith and illustrated by Steve Adams (Kids Can Press, August 2014) is a nonfiction picture book that tries to give kids perspective. By comparing huge concepts to concepts that a child understands, the author makes the things that we cannot quite comprehend a little bit more real. Continue Reading

An Ambush of Tigers by Betsy Rosenthal (Picture Book Sunday)

An Ambush of Tigers by Betsy Rosenthal (Millbrook Press, April 2015) is, as the subtitle describes, a “Wild Gathering of Collective Nouns.” Each of the collective nouns she has chosen has a double meaning and Jago’s delightful illustrations play up the double meaning for some amusing images that are not soon to be forgotten.Continue Reading