Reading Journal, 23 January 2011: Branding

I’ve been in rather a reading slump, partially because of the issues I mentioned previously, like my grandma’s passing. But also, I have been reading an enormous amount in the past three years, and it’s a pace that seems cannot be sustained.

On average, I have read about 14 books or around 3,500 pages a month for about two-and-a-half years.  Some months have been much less, of course, but others have been more. The bottom line is that I’ve been avidly reading for quite some time. That’s a lot of reading for a stay-at-home Mom with a baby toddler preschooler.

I want to make sure it’s clear that I have neglected neither my son nor my husband in the past three years. My son, as a baby, slept very well for 15 or 16 hours in every 24, and then, gradually, the nap went away, and now he’s sleeping 11 or 12 hours a night. He wakes with the sun. That’s still a lot of break from mommy-hood, but it is far less time than it used to be, given his changing needs as he grows older. Also, for a good portion of the past few years, my husband has traveled for work, and thus has been away from home for three or four nights of every week. He’s since moved to a less travel-intensive job.  When he’s home, I blog and read far less.

That justification is simply to preface my observation of the inevitable fact that life continues to get busier, and reading and blogging has subsided as a time priority. My break last August proved to me that I don’t want to stop blogging for good, but as I’ve said before, my blogging schedule will probably continue to be sporadic. I do love writing about my reading, and I love being a part of a community of fellow readers. I especially love promoting the classics, and the Classics Circuit really is lots of fun to work with (although that has slowed down as well). (more…)