Shakespeare on Toast by Ben Crystal (Brief Thoughts)

Shakespeare on Toast by Ben Crystal (Icon Books, September 2012) purports to be a book for young adults, providing a look at Shakespeare as “as easy to handle as beans on toast”. That must be a British thing because beans on toast sounds pretty gross to me. (I don’t like beans.) At any rate, Shakespeare on Toast is delightfully refreshing in it’s overview of Shakespeare’s time and writing styles. Although I am pretty well read on Shakespeare, reading it taught me a lot and got me excited once again to read the Bard’s words. Success!Continue Reading

Begin with the Bard: My Shakespeare Reading Plan

bard2013Happy New Year! I’m ready for 2013.

I am ready to read Shakespeare. For my Begin with the Bard plan, I hope to read two or three nonfiction/commentary books about the man, read two to four plays, and watch a few movie versions as well. I hope as I have as much fun as I did last year!

I am giving myself until the end of February to see how much I can get through. I’d love to have company! Please join me if you’d like.Continue Reading