Kids Corner: Friday Fun Night Books

Friday nights are “fun night” for our family. Usually, this means we watch a family/kid friendly movie. Recently, now that Raisin is five, we’re branching out to board games. (When the favorite board game was Candy Land, I really did not like that option every week.) Today, Raisin requested that we read books together. 

Yes, my five-year-old son wanted to spend an hour and a half reading with me. This is why I did my 1000 books project with him, and why I’m doing it all over again with my baby. Reading together as a family truly is fun. I’ve grown my son into what I am certain will be a life-long reader.

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(Cybils 2012) Fairy Tales

I love reading my son fairy tales. I particularly love fairy tales retold. The True Story of the Three Little Pigs by Jon Scieszkca (1989) was a favorite of mine when I was a kid. I love hearing a familiar story from some other characters point of view! Also, my own son has gone through his own love-phase with one fairy tale in particular, the Goldilocks and the Three Bears story. So of course the fairy tale books on the Cybils 2012 list have simply called out to me.Continue Reading

Oddfellow’s Orphanage by Emily Wingfield Martin

Delia has recently been orphaned and finds herself among a truly odd assortment of characters when she arrives at Oddfellow Bluebeard’s orphanage. Each child at Oddfellow’s Orphange has something that sets them apart from the others, from the boy with an onion head, to the girl with blue tattoos all over her body, to a young hedgehog. Each child also has some delightful quality that makes them perfectly likeable.

Oddfellow’s Orphanage, written and illustrated by celebrated Etsy artist Emily Wingfield Martin (to be published January 2012 by Random House), tells us a little bit about each of the children, and just how their personalities and their not-so-happy pasts give them a special reason to contribute to the happiness of the others in the home. Together, the happy family of orphans and the assortment of interesting teachers create a delightful world that a young reader would probably love to visit. What child wouldn’t love classes in fairy tales and cryptozoology (imaginary animals)?

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(Kids Corner) Some Cybils 2011 Books about … Fairy Tales, Folklore, and Fantasy

Time is running out this year, so some of my categories for my discussion of the Cybils awards may seem a bit of a stretch. The fairy tales books I share about below are quite different from the folkloric books I also share about.

Nevertheless, despite the slightly messy attempts at categorization, I have enjoyed so many of these books I’ve been reading. I hope you find something below that may interest you as well.Continue Reading