Julie Andrews’ Treasury for All Seasons: Poems and Songs to Celebrate the Year

I personally love poetry anthologies, and I have searched for something my son would also enjoy so he could learn to appreciate poetry as I do. We may have found a winner! Julie Andrews’ Treasury for All Seasons: Poems and Songs to Celebrate the Year (Little, Brown and Company, 2012) is a poetry anthology organized by month. Each season of the year and specific holidays have poems, and the pages are illustrated by Marjorie Priceman with child-friendly bright watercolor paintings. Continue Reading

Virtual Advent Tour: Christmas Fudge

Welcome to Day 19 of the 2011 Virtual Advent Tour!

Although this is my fourth Christmas blogging, this is only my second year of joining in the Virtual Advent Tour, since I hadn’t found it my first years. But, even in my first years of blogging, I still posted about the holidays. Here are some Christmas posts from the past you may enjoy.

Also, in 2008, I wrote a few posts on some classic Christmas books:

This year, I have decided to share one of my fun Christmas traditions: making fudge for the neighbors! I have enjoyed making chocolate fudge since I was a kid. It’s a family recipe. And then a few years ago, I found a white chocolate fudge recipe online.

Chocolate Fudge


4 1/2 cups sugar
1/3 cup butter
1 can evaporated milk
dash of salt

8 oz chocolate
2 cups nuts (optional)
a little less than 1 lb marshmallows (Use real marshmallows, not marshmallow fluff.)
12 oz chocolate chips


Bring the first four ingredients to a rolling boil for four minutes. (Note: Make sure it’s boiling vigorously for four minutes or it will not set right.)

Pour over the next four ingredients and stir well. Pour mixture into a 9×13 buttered or wax paper-lined pan. Let it sit until set, possibly overnight. Cut in squares. For an extra touch, roll squares in powdered sugar just before serving.

That’s it! It is pretty easy if you follow the directions. I’ve been making it since I was 16! It’s also very delicious!

White Chocolate Fudge

My white chocolate fudge is also very delicious. However, because I found it on a blog online, I don’t want to take the credit when it’s due elsewhere.  Go visit Lemonpi for an absolutely delicious recipe. Keep in mind that you want to use real, yummy white chocolate for this, not the cheap stuff. Yes, it’s very expensive. Yes, it’s very yummy in the end.

This season, I also made some peppermint bark, as well as some frosted sugar cookies. It’s been a fun way to bring in the holidays with a bit of sugar delight!

What do you bake or cook around the holidays to make the season bright?

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Krissi @ Lighting my Light

Check back at Rebecca Reads for some more Christmas cheer throughout the next few days. I’m going to post Tuesday through Thursday on a few Christmas stories you may enjoy. ETA: I’m not on the ball in terms of getting posts up. Given the fact that I’m sure you’re all busy too, simply have a great Christmas holiday and I’ll be back when I can be!

Some Miscellaneous Cybils 2011 Books

This is my last week and last post of sharing Cybils Fiction Picture Book Nominees, so I’ve got to go for a miscellany this week. Sub-topics: Dealing with Life; Kids’ Fashion; Roads and Trucks; Fine Arts; Non-Western Traditions; and, of course, Christmas, Christian, and Winter Books.Continue Reading

Four Christmas Novellas by Charles Dickens

Most people have heard of A Christmas Carol, but few are familiar with Charles Dickens’ other Christmas novellas. I read his other four this season. Some were more interesting than others. The superiority of A Christmas Carol makes it clear to me why it has lasted as a “classic” through the years, and while most of these have not.Continue Reading