(Cybils 2012) Trains and Oh No! Books

Today’s mashup of Cybils nominees brings us a favorite topic of my son (trains) and some books with surprizes of disappointment. Both of the Oh No! books are unique in art style and memorable in their writing.

But first I have to bring you my son’s favorite topic: trains. The first of these books is a truly silly story that all will love, even if trains are not your favorite thing as they are for Raisin.Continue Reading

(Cybils 2012) Seasons

I admit, it’s a little strange to read spring and summer books when the season is so quickly passing into full-blown autumn, and the hint of snow is in the air. But picking up the following books was refreshing right now: a nice reminder that yes, we will make it to spring again! The green and life will will return to the plants around me in time.

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Kids Corner: South America Picture Books

Raisin and I finished our gentle trip around the world last week with some picture books about South America! I really enjoyed our brief study this time because I got to learn about the Amazon area, which fascinates me. Most of the picture we read were about rain forests.We also did another “Famous Places Race” that I made. Continue Reading