Winner of Anthem + Swamped

The winner of my copy of Anthem is …Jessica at The Bluestocking Society!

Send me your address and I’ll send the book to you, probably with my Christmas packages, which are still not ready to go quite yet. (They may be later than Christmas…Oops!)

I have three Christmas-y reviews that I was planning to write and post this week but I still haven’t written them (including A Christmas Carol, which I read in November and still haven’t reviewed it!). I was going to have a Christmas-y giveaway too but it’s not going to happen this year!

Imagine that, I have lots of other things to do, like decorate Christmas cookies with my nieces and nephews, write Christmas cards, wrap and mail presents, eat more fudge, etc. I love the holidays and I was really looking forward to sharing my love for Christmas with my fellow readers. But I’m trying to stay afloat right now: Let’s see if I get just those three posts up before the holiday gets here!

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Rebecca Reid

Rebecca Reid is a homeschooling, stay-at-home mother seeking to make the journey of life-long learning fun by reading lots of good books. Rebecca Reads provides reviews of children's literature she has enjoyed with her children; nonfiction that enhances understanding of educational philosophies, history and more; and classical literature that Rebecca enjoys reading.

  1. Thanks, Rebecca!!  No worries about the shipping – in fact, wait until after Christmas if it would cause an extra trip to the PO. I’m so excited to read this book after your review.  I’ve only read Rand’s The Fountainhead and look forward to more from her.  Thanks again!

  2. Jessica, I’d be interested to hear your thoughts on The Fountainhead. Worth reading? I guess so, since you’re looking forward to Anthem. I hope you enjoy it too!

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