Abandoned Book and Giveaway: Bridget Jones’ Diary

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I don’t often read modern fiction, but when I heard Bridget Jones’ Diary was a “modern day retelling” of Pride and Prejudice, I thought I’d give it a try. I was lucky enough to find a fairly new, nice-looking copy on a library cart for (probably) a quarter a few months ago, so I thought I’d give it a try.

From the beginning, however, I’ve found Bridget to be annoying. While I loved Elizabeth Bennett, Bridget just seems whinny. Besides, with a large prevalence of crude language, this really is not my type of book. Further, I often have found that modern day “chic lit” stories are more entertaining as 2-hour movies, not as 300-page novels. There have been some amusing references to Darcy and Pride and Prejudice but I don’t think I can stomach any more of this novel in order to get to the happily ever after. If I ever feel curious again, I’ll watch the movie.

There are too many copies on Bookmooch for me to get it off my shelf, and I’m sure there is someone out there that wants to read it, crude language and annoying, whining Bridget notwithstanding. Therefore, I’m happy to send it to a randomly selected person.

Leave a note in the comments if you want to be entered for the drawing. I’ll select a winner in a few days.

Have you read this book or watched the movie? Does the crudity bother you? Why or why not?

Reviewed on April 21, 2009

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  • Sorry this one didn’t work for you. I actually really like the Bridget books – even though she’s a bit of a ninny and ridiculous, I find her ultimately endearing and thought the books were light-hearted fluff. I don’t remember thinking they were especially crude either – I suppose there probably is some cursing and sex, but those type of things don’t really bother me, and given that the book is written in a diary format, it was believable to me that those things would be included in the life of a 30-something single gal. Then again, I’m not generally someone who is bothered by the presence of either of those things in books. Some people feel that cursing is never appropriate, and obviously that’s perfectly fine. BUT other people certainly do curse, and I think if used appropriately, it can add a dimension of realism to the writing. I suppose my whole take is that language is language, and sometimes it makes us uncomfortable, but I think that’s ok!

    Oh, no need to include me in the giveaway, as I already have a copy of this one (and the sequel too!).

  • No need to enter me in the drawing. I read it a while back and it did nothing for me at all. The crudeness didn’t bother me, I just thought is was dull.


  • Steph, I don’t usually like excessive swearing, sex, etc. unless it’s central to the plot and tastefully done (i.e., Madame Bovary is all about adultery, but it was incredibly tasteful; East of Eden had some pretty wicked people and if I recall crude language) but there was nothing about the 30-something gal that I liked in the beginning of the book and I didn’t feel the diary format was all that well written. Like I said, maybe I’d give the movie a try. This one just didn’t do anything for me….I’m glad you liked it. Obviously a lot of people do!

    Lezlie, ok you’re making me feel better about not finishing it! I am just not interested in the character from the very beginning either.

  • Wow, those are some inspiring reviews. 😉 I saw the movie around the time it first came out on DVD and I don’t remember anything about it, which says something about the quality of the movie.

    Uh, yeah, so don’t enter me in the drawing either, based on previous commenters’ thoughts.

    Looks like you’ve got yourself an economic bad on your hands.

  • Hi Rebecca, I felt the exact same way you did. I bought this book years ago and tried to read it probably five different times but couldn’t get past the first few pages. I really loved the movies though. It was then I realized chick lit was really not for me. I sold my copy at a garage sale around 5 years ago.

  • Lily, You’ll notice that Steph did like the book! And the sequel! So some people like it.

    If no one wants it, I”ll just toss it (or give it back to the library!), so it’s not all that bad. I’ll still get it off my shelf permanently!

    claire, glad you could sell it eventually… I think chick lit tends to be better in movie form, unless we’re talking classics like P&P, which I think are written wonderfully!

  • Sorry to hear that you didn’t enjoy Bridget! The Bridget Jones’ books were the first Jane Austen adaptations I had ever read, which may have been part of the appeal of them for me. Now a lot of the similar chicklit adaptations that I read, I find to be somewhat…. unimpressive.

  • No need to enter me, Rebecca. Just wanted to say that I agreed with your comments about the book. I once tried to watch the movie with a friend, but couldn’t get through even the first half.

  • Court, I guess I just prefer the original each time! I’d rather reread Jane Austen ten times!

    Christina, wow, I am amazed so many people agree with me for once; usually I’m just the odd voice in the world….good to hear that the movie is probably not any better! I won’t put it in my netflix cue…

  • I can understand how you would feel that way about this novel. I personally enjoyed it, mostly because I found Bridget kind of funny. However, I couldn’t finish the second book because I realized she is better in small doses. She gets annoying after a while.

  • Finally! Someone who disliked the book as much as I did lol. I’ve seen the movie and didn’t hate it but didn’t really like it either too. Please do NOT enter me for this lol.

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