Another Brother by Matthew Cordell

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Another Brother by Matthew Cordell (Feiwel and Friends, 2012) is about a young sheep who enjoys the attention of his parents, until he starts getting brothers. With lots of brothers copying his every move, he gets rather annoyed. One day, the brothers stop imitating him, and he finds he misses it. The ridiculous number of brother sheep gives the book a humorous touch, and the ending gives the reader the satisfaction of knowing that Davy will once again find happiness with his family!

This week’s Cybils’ focus is on babies! Since my baby is quickly getting old (she’ll be ten months old next week), I’m mourning the loss of a not-yet-crawling baby, but looking forward to coming months of a baby who is more interested in playing and reading with me! She obviously already loves books by the way she devours them (literally trying to eat them, which is of course perfectly age appropriate!).

There are many more new sibling and baby books in the Cybils stack, and it is unfortunate that I will not have time to discuss all of them. My Cybils time is coming to an end, as I’ve just spent a marathon two and a half months reading through 234 out of the 237 on the fiction picture book list. I’ll keep reviewing as much as I can in the coming months, but know that there are far more books on the list than I will ever get to!

Reviewed on December 20, 2012

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