Big or Little? by Kathy Stinson

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Big or Little? Board Book by Kathy Stinson (art by Jennifer Bell) (Annick Press, February 2014) is a sweet board book that my two-year-old deeply related to. (Even as I write this, she is sitting on my lap saying “Again! Again!”)  This book features a child (short, wavy hair means this can be a boy or a girl in your story reading) that sometimes feels big and sometimes feels little.

My daughter loved saying “I do that too!” on the “big” pages, such as putting shoes on, helping water the plants, and pushing elevator buttons. She liked saying “Mommy do it!” on the pages when the child felt “little,” such as when she could not get her shirt on or reach the cookies. The book, over all, reminds a child of the ways it’s fun to grow up, but also nice to stay little for those cuddles from Mom. She loves this one!

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Reviewed on May 19, 2014

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