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It used to be I’d go to a library book sale and come back with large classical tomes I was excited to read. Now a days, it is these simple childhood classics that fill my bags. The types of books I find at the book sale may change, but we’re definitely still reading around this house!


Raisin is reading at high level. He could probably read anything. But, he still loves picture books, so I am eager to encourage our continued reading times together. Strawberry is two years old, now, and she too loves books. Yesterday she saw an ABC book and said to me, all excited, “Letters!”

Her favorite from this pile is, of course, the Colors book. We already have Karen Katz’ Shapes board book. I love how sturdy those are! Strawberry loves The Kissing Hand too, and kisses her hand when she sees it. I was excited to add The Runaway Bunny to our collection, and the P.D. Eastman will join Big Dog, Little Dog on the shelf for bedtime reads.

This week, Strawberry and I are going to read lots of alphabet books. We will also explore colors, as she still does not discern between them yet by name. (She will sort matching together, I believe. We’ll find out!)

What are you reading with your kids this week? What book sale finds have you acquired lately?

Reviewed on March 31, 2014

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