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With my new emphasis on classics on this site and since the Classics Circuit is currently on hiatus, I wanted to shout out two awesome classics projects.

The first is Amanda’s Classics Blogger Directory. This is listing of self-submitted bloggers who like to read and post about the classics — it shows us that we classics-lovers are not alone in this huge blogosphere. If you read classics and haven’t sign up for the directory yet, make sure you do! See Amanda’s sign up post for how to be included.

The second item worth mentioning is the Really Old Classics Challenge, for the third year. This year, I’ve bowed out of hosting, but to my delight it’s continued, this time hosted by Heather J., Ryan, and Michelle. Once again, it’s as simple as reading just one work written before 1600 A.D. It runs from September 1 (i.e., right now!) and goes until December 31, which I think is a perfect length of time.

I not joining (as I mentioned yesterday, I’m no longer joining “challenges” as such). That said, I do have a personal goal to read The Aeneid this fall, as well as Beowulf at some point sooner rather than later, as it’s been tempting me from my shelf. What really old classic are you going to read this fall?

Anyway, I hope you consider these two classics projects. Both are well worth your attention!

Reviewed on September 3, 2010

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  1. Thanks for the shout-out Rebecca!

    I’m not officially joining the Really Old Classics challenge, but there’s a good possibility that I’m going to reread The Inferno in the next two months!

  2. Thanks for the details of the Really Old Classics challenge, not sure if I’ll join but I feel out of the loop there so reading about the books would be great.

    And I love the idea of a directory for classics blogs!

  3. I’m not officially starting my classics project until January, but I’m looking forward to seeing what everybody does and cheering on from the sidelines! How wonderful to find other people interested in the same kinds of things.

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