Compost!: Growing Gardens From Your Garbage by Linda Glaser

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With the story frame of a child growing a garden, Compost!: Growing Gardens From Your Garbage by Linda Glaser (illustrated by Anca Hariton; Millbrook Press, 1996) gives the startling claim that the garden is made from garbage! Throughout the book, the kid describes just what can be put in the compost pile.

To make it kid friendly, some humor is added with the child’s narration. For example, the child reminds us that by not finishing dinner, he’s helping the compost pile!

The illustrations show the compost changing throughout the year. There is an image of the parent mixing the compost, and the book ends with two pages of FAQ for further learning. Glaser’s picture book is a nice selection to read aloud, especially for a family that is planning on making their own garden and compost pile.

Reviewed on November 13, 2023

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