Cozy Classics: Mark Twain

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Are you ready for adorable? Because these two board books definitely fit the bill!

For anyone who has read my blog for any length of time, you will know that I absolutely love reading the classics. So why not read and enjoy a board book version of some classics?

Cozy Classics: Tom Sawyer and Cozy Classics: Huckleberry Finn by Jack and Holman Wang (Simply Read Books, May 2014) are board book “versions” of the stories illustrated with felt art dolls. Each page has a single word or phrase, such as  or  and the artwork illustrates a scene from the book itself.

My son and I happen to be reading The Adventures of Tom Sawyer together right now, and he loved recognizing some of the things from the book (although he was quick to point out the “errors” in the illustrations, such as the boys, in the book, took off their shirts when they played Robin Hood). He likes saying “oh yeah! That is when….” and telling me the rest of the story just captured in an instant in the board book. This would be a great way to review our comprehension when we do finish the book together!

The concepts in Cozy Classics: Huckleberry Finn, although still limited to a single word, are a bit over-the-head of my two-year-old child. One word is “afraid,” with Huck’s father leering over him. Others are “trapped” and “free”, with Jim as the highlight. My daughter obviously cannot grasp such concepts (nor do I want her understanding the meaning of the “afraid” picture). She still enjoyed looking at the pictures, but this is a board book mainly for the parents to love.

The fine art that went in to these books, and the author’s ability to illustrate complex themes so gorgeously in felt, are things that will be most appreciated by the adult parent who is already familiar with the Mark Twain stories. For those who love the classics, this installment of Cozy Classics: Mark Twain edition are a fun way to revisit classics. I really appreciate the amazing talent required to make art out of felt.

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Reviewed on July 3, 2014

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