Cuddle and Move (Board Books for a Toddler)

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I’ve mentioned before that my daughter loves babies. She sure does! Cuddle and Move by Elizabeth Verdick (Free Spirit Publishing, 2013) were perfect. In sweet black and white pictures and few words, each book followed the life of babies and toddlers through regular actions: climbing, cuddling, kissing.

We read both books via netgalley digital reviews, and she loved to swipe to the next page and giggle and oooh and ahh over the next page of babies! I believe she liked Cuddle more, because kissing and cuddling babies was more interesting to her at the time than climbing and jumping toddlers. It has been a few months; she may enjoy the toddlers’ action just as much now!

I read a review copy of these books.

So, I’m posting about these two board books today because I am busy beginning to track the books I read with toddler now for my 1000 books project. She’s at an age where she is beginning to love books, and look forward to our reading times together. What a wonderful milestone!

On the other hand, my son is a proficient reader of chapter books now. I find I must remind myself to sit down and read with him too. I feel reading together is an important learning time, even for the proficient readers. My son is, after all, only five years old, even though he’s reading very well. Parent-child bonding is essential to developing a lasting relationship.

 What children’s picture books have you discovered lately?

Reviewed on July 3, 2013

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