Dive In: Swim with Sea Creatures at Actual Size by Roxie Munro

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Dive In: Swim with Sea Creatures at Their Actual Size by Roxie Munro (Holiday House, 2020) is a large nonfiction picture book about the coral reef ecosystem. Munro illustrates the variety of animals to be found there, with the main teaser being that these illustrations are actual sized, from tiny seahorses to reef sharks. With the sizes relative to each other, the book helps readers put these tiny fish, corals, and stingrays into a context.

The last animal featured in the reef is a human, although we only see the human’s fin. Of course, the book then mentions how humans impact the reef, with cautions on how they can make sure not to damage the reef. The book includes a diagram of all the reef creatures illustrated, a map of where reefs can be found in the world, an extensive list of other resources for adults and for children, a glossary, and an index.

I love Munro’s art style and this book, in particular, is impressive. I highly recommend it to anyone interested in sea creatures or the coral reef.

Reviewed on February 12, 2024

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