Ecomazes by Roxie Munro

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Ecomazes by Roxie Munro (Sterling, 2010) lets us learn about ecosystems while doing mazes! In her “12 Earth Adventures,” she illustrated 12 unique habitats with their own landscapes. Each page has a subtle story of trying to get from here to there and also a list of the flora and fauna to look for on the path as you go!

The search for flora and fauna makes this book a fun search-and-find book. For example, she’ll tell us to look for 4 deer, and some may be hiding. In the coral reef, we need to find 9 angelfish. This is such an interactive and fun way to learn about the creatures that live in each habitat.

The end of the book does provide maze solutions. While the mazes were easy enough to solve without the answer key, these answer pages also provide more information about each of the habitats and what makes them unique. I love this creative approach to learning about biomes and habitats!

The habitats/biomes included are tropical rainforest, desert, coral reef, alpine high mountain, artic polar, wetlands, tundra, grasslands, Antarctica polar, Savana, conifer forest, and temperate forest. The temperate forest is my favorite because it shows a summer camp with people, a beach, a canoe rental, a tennis court, a playground, and so forth. What a fun book!

Reviewed on April 14, 2023

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