How To by Julie Morstad

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How To by Julie Morstad (Simply Read Books, 2013) has a non-traditional structure. Each page has a phrase to finish the beginning “How to,” coupled with a creative illustration to show how do do that thing.

For example, “how to go fast” has a child on piggy back, a child on a scooter, a child with “wings”, and a child on stilts. “How to be a mermaid” has a child in a bathtub with legs twisted like a mermaid’s legs. The cover illustrations shows “how to make friends.” I loved all the analogies, the emphasis on imagination, and the illustrations.

I can’t describe the illustrations — they look like colored pen and some watercolor — but I simply love the innocent look of the children. They are adorable and concentrating as they gaze at me from the page. How to is a book to seek out.

Reviewed on July 3, 2013

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