I did not intend to go in to Borders today…

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but I did.

I think I demonstrated remarkable restraint, given these books were 50% off and then another 10% at the register.

I got:

  • A Sesame Street puppet book (technically, paper dolls, but I hate that term) for Raisin (this doesn’t count against me, of course, since he put up with me browsing for a good 20-30 minutes….)
  • The Tale of The Genji (Royall Tyler translation)
  • A Christmas Carol and other Christmas Stories by Charles Dickens (Everyman’s! I love Everyman’s!)
  • Reading Like a Writer by Francine Prose (something I’ve heard bloggers talking about forever!)
  • Our Town by Thornton Wilder (I’ve read this a few times and always loved it.)

I also put back a number of books. I really do try to live by a budget. Ones I put back included the new P&V translation of Doctor Zhivago, Ernest Hemingway’s short stories (a beautiful book, but I actually didn’t really LIKE his stories), a collection of “the best African-American poetry” (I thought it would be perfect for the upcoming National Poetry Month, but alas it was quite expensive, I mean, relatively…), and some short stories by Washington Irving (I like the stories, but I had to cut somewhere).

Are you avoiding Borders these days? I really should have, but I’m excited to add Genji to my reading at some point. I really need to get back to reading my Japanese authors.

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Reviewed on March 28, 2011

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  • I haven’t been avoiding Borders (actually I should go into the one close to me that has stayed open and get my money’s worth out of the Reward card I have) but it’s not the closest store to me so I just don’t think about it often. I am totally impressed with your restraint though. When I went into the one by me that did end up closing, I was a very bad girl. At least I got great deals though!

    • Kristen » I usually only buy used books, so they cost about $5 to $10 each or less. I don’t usually spend more than $50 on books a month! Even with the discounts, then, this was quite a splurge for me!

  • I wouldn’t even know Borders was having all these closing sales were it not for the internet, since they don’t have a location near me (that I know of). That said, if I happened upon a 60% off sale, I would have crashed harder than you! Much to be commended on your restraint. 🙂 The Tale of the Genji edition looks particularly pretty.

  • There was a copy of that Murasaki at my library’s book sale in February, and I had to restrain myself from buying it. . . my excuse was that it was a little water damaged. I was breaking the book-buying ban anyhow but I just couldn’t bring myself to do it!

    I’m glad none of the Borders here are closing, especially since I know I’d just go crazy! There are some closing up in Austin but it’s a pretty long drive so it’s really not worth it, I have so many unread books anyhow. But I’m glad you got some good bargains! You appear to have great restraint. I applaud you.

    • Karen K. » Library book sales are even better finds since they are so much cheaper! Definitely not worth a drive — you probably can find better deals online — but it was so fun for me since I normally practice great budgetary restraint!

  • None of our Borders here in SA are closing (like Karen said above me) so there haven’t been any real good deals, but then again the Borders stores around here are awful to begin with so I avoid them as much as possible…

    • Amanda » I very rarely go in a bookstore that is not a used bookstore, and I too don’t really like Borders. I had no intention of going in this one. Raisin and I were headed to the store next door. But those bright yellow EVERYTHING MUST GO signs called to me…

  • I went to the Borders closest to me over the weekend but the markdowns were only at 10 to 20 percent off. Not enough to make anything really worth my while although I had a hard time giving up all the books I had put in my basket. If the markdowns were as big as the ones at your store, however, I don’t believe I would have been able to show as much restraint as you did!

  • I made a trip to the one Borders in Nashville that is closing the first weekend that they mentioned their closing sale and it was a madhouse. And if I do say so myself, not very good in terms of deals. None of the regular fiction was one sale, so I didn’t wind up getting anything… I realize the sales are probably better now, but I figure things are probably all picked over at this point. So on that basis alone, your loot is remarkable in its quality!

    • Steph » that would explain why there was SO MUCH fiction left. The store was mostly empty but for much more fiction than I anticipated. I was looking mostly for classics so that’s why I found plenty to tempt me. Don’t know about the modern lit as much, though.

  • Most of our Borders stores have closed 🙁 but I do get myself in a fair amount of trouble with the BAM and B&N sale tables every single time I walk through the doors 🙁 I have Reading Like a Writer on my TBR as well :):)

  • I enjoyed Reading Like a Writer when I read it a few years back! Those are some nice acquisitions. I managed to limit myself when I went to a Borders near me last week (same awesome sale)…though I couldn’t resist a couple of things. Now I’m trying to avoid going back, because I’m not sure my restraint will hold out!

    • Erin » I keep thinking I need to go back again just ONCE MORE. I must. resist. Really. My husband is worried about this out of the norm spending for me, since I never go in bookstores! (I shop used and online….no impulse purchases that way!)

  • I’ve been to the Borders that is closing by us twice already. And both times I spent WAY too much money. But…well…you know, I don’t even have an excuse. 🙂 I’m trying to restrain myself for the next few months to make up for it. But it is hard when we have two Barnes and Noble stories, and three Borders stores (including the one that is closing), within 20 minutes of here. One Borders is a 5 minute drive from home. Book stores just call to me.

    And I have a serious problem.

    But you got some great things! I wouldn’t have been able to show such restraint!

    • Allie » My restraint is called a budget. Easier to NOT buy something if I know it’s between a book and food for my family! But yes, I do buy books all the time to some extent — just used and via the web so it’s never impulse and it’s never shiny new. Add this onto that and well, I’ve bought too many books this month. …

  • Oh but if you got the Doctor Zhivago then we could put on the schedule for our book group 🙂

    You got some nice books there, and showed great restraint too!

    • Suzanne » It was just SO EXPENSIVE compared to the others, even with 60% off, that I couldn’t bring myself. Never worry, if we decide to read it, I’ll find a used copy in a few months. It’ll probably be cheaper than it was at Borders with 60% off…really used books are great!

  • I went to one of the closing Borders in Manhattan a week or two ago, and the discounts weren’t impressive enough to tempt me yet. If they kick it up to 60% I might be less able to resist temptation. There’s an awful lot of poetry sitting on the shelves that I wouldn’t mind owning and I seriously doubt anyone else is going to buy… I’ll have to go back next week and see if the discounts are increasing.

  • You did show remarkable restraint. I have never shopped at Borders but there is one not that far away from me. Maybe I should go visit them this weekend and see if they have any deals. That makes me seem kind of vulture-y, doesn’t it? Well, even vultures have to “eat.”

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