I Would Teach You to Fly by Sarah Asper-Smith

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I Would Teach You to Fly by Sarah Asper-Smith (Sasquatch Books, 2022) shows mother animals caring for and teaching their baby animals. I Would Teach You focuses on parents of all divisions of the animal kingdom, all of whom are teaching their young. In a sweet bedtime tone, I Would Teach You ends with the sweet declaration of a parent to a human child.

Each two-spread in I Would Teach You features a different mother-baby animal pair, from eagles and other birds to black bears, Artic bumblebees, coyotes, whales, and more. The pages follow a format like this:

“If you were a wolverine, I would teach you to be fearless when on the hunt for food.”

I like, then, how each page teaches a little bit about what the parents need to teach the youngsters. Growing up as a wild animal takes more than instinct: youth need to see the examples of those around them.

Further, each spread also features more detailed facts about the named animals, such as that seal pups don’t enter the water for weeks after they are born, that ptarmigans grow feathers on their feet to help them walk on snow, and so forth.

If I had one wish, it would be that the title would be changed or shortened to “I Would Teach You” or something that does not mention flying. With “teach you to fly” in the title, it suggests this book is limited to a variety of birds when in reality it is so much more. Any child interested in animals, and any parent or teacher looking for a sweet read-aloud for Mother’s Day or Father’s Day would appreciate this sweet tribute to parents loving and teaching their children.

I received a digital copy of this book for review consideration.

Reviewed on November 18, 2022

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