Little Bo Peep and Her Bad Bad Sheep by A.L. Wegwerth

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Little Bo Peep and Her Bad Bad Sheep by AL Wegwerth is a nonlinear book full of illustrated nursery rhymes to discover. A narrator on one side of the page is attempting to recite Little Bo Peep . However, at the bottom of that page and on the accompanying page, Little Bo Peep’s sheep are walking off to cause chaos in a nursery rhyme world.

Essentially, nursery rhymes collide when characters (especially those Bad Bad Sheep) keep getting in the way. The results are hilarious. Because it is a nonlinear story, it was not one that my three almost 4-year-old really comprehend it. I was trying to read it with her on a digital device, and it was quite confusing. My eight-year-old son, on the other hand, delighted in the story and really enjoyed pondering over the pictures and finding the nursery rhymes that had been included. He already has the context and understanding of nursery rhymes, so it was definitely a book more appropriate for him.

But for those that are not as familiar, the end of the book does have pages listing the nursery rhymes that have been included, with the nursery rhymes reprinted in their entirety!  I look forward to reviewing the ones that were listed and searching for them in each of the pictures.

My daughter recognized a few of the characters, especially Humpty Dumpty, who she really enjoys for some reason. We also had to find those sheep on each page.. However, in general, I would say this is a picture book for kids who already have exposure to many different nursery rhymes and have the patience to sit and pour over the pictures finding familiar characters. I was delighted that I had a chance to read it.

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Reviewed on January 25, 2016

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