My Light by Molly Bang

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The nonfiction picture book My Light by Molly Bang (Blue Sky Press, 2004) is narrated by the sun and covers many topics in elementary science. The influence of the sun is woven into explanations about the power of the great star into the water cycle and so much more. The water’s movement and the warm air in air currents generate electricity. Bang also addresses the concepts of photosynthesis (although not using the word), carbon-based energy (coal), and then the electricity in our homes. All this electricity has its roots in the sun’s energy, in ways that children would not have imagined.

The lights of a city begin and end the sun’s narration. Bang’s illustrations show the energy from the sun with tiny golden dots through all the pictures, nicely drawing these concepts together. With great illustrations and highly readable text, My Light does not disappoint. I adore how well these many concepts are both explained in the sun’s narration and illustrated through the tiny golden dots carefully placed in the bright illustrations.

Reviewed on February 5, 2024

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