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I am not going to stay up all night, but I am going to focus on reading today and tonight! I’m excited to see the readathon is going on. I will update this post with my progress.

My goal is finish some books or at least make progress. I’m in the middle of a lot of books right now.

*11:45 a.m.

I started reading about 7:30 (which was a half hour after it official began), as I ate breakfast. I did take a shower. My son has been watching movies and we’ve been playing games. I’ve read to him too.

What I read: 200 pages of Baking Cakes in Kigali  (about 3 hours of reading), plus part of Richard Scarry’s The Great Big Schoolhouse to my son (about 30 minutes aloud, it’s a long book with lots of labeled pictures).

About the books read  this morning: Baking Cakes in Kigali was a reread for me, for my upcoming book club. I was 100 pages in to it this morning. My son likes the Richard Scarry books so we’ve been having fun naming things in the pictures and reading it together. We’ll finish it later today I think. He’s watching Toy Story right now.

Total pages read today: 200

Total time reading with my son: 30 minutes

I’ll be back tonight, after I read some more and get some grocery shopping done, as the fridge is rather bare!

*5 p.m.

It may not sound like a lot, but I have been trying to get reading in! I had to run some errands, such as get groceries for the upcoming week. I also did some housework. But then, I also let myself read my dense nonfiction book for almost an hour.

What I read this afternoon (between 12-5): The Fate of Africa. This dense long-fiction book is best taken in small doses. I read from pages 220 to page 260 over the course of about an hour. It is much slower reading than the previous book. I also read picture books with my son.

Time spent on house-work this afternoon: 2 hours, including a grocery store run

Time (approximate) + pages spent reading this afternoon (adult books): 1 hour or 40 pages

Time spent reading with my son this afternoon: 20 minutes

Total time (approximate) + pages read today: about 4 hours, 240 pages

Total time reading with my son: 50 minutes

I’ll be making dinner and getting my son to bed in the next few hours. I may get some more chores done or I may get my discussion questions ready for my book club next week while Baking Cakes is still fresh in my mind. I hope to get another 50 pages of The Fate of Africa read tonight as well as make progress on a few of my other books. I’ll play it by ear. I’ll be back about 10 p.m.!

*9:45 p.m.

Ah, the silence of the house is wonderful! In the last five hours, I cooked dinner and cleaned up, did some yard work, gave Raisin a bath and tucked him in (a few times), and then I read. That later task has been so much fun. Now that my son is asleep, I’m eager to keep reading for a few more hours, at least! I’ll read until I’m too tired. If I can, I’ll come back and update my progress. Since I have church at 9 a.m. tomorrow and I’ll probably get up when my son does at 6, I’ll make sure I won’t be up all night. Maybe until midnight or 1 a.m.? We’ll see.

What I read this evening (between 5 and 9:45):

  • The Monk. FINISHED! I’ve been struggling with this one for what feels like weeks (it is not a favorite for me) but I finally finished. I read it on my ereader, so I don’t have page numbers, but I read about 15% of it tonight over the course of an hour, probably about 60 pages since the entire book is listed on Amazon as being about 400 pages.
  • One Hundred Years of Solitude. This reread is coming to a satisfying conclusion. I’m going to save the last 60 pages for tomorrow, probably, post-readathon. This evening, I read 60 pages, from pages 295-355 (about 1 hour)

Time (approximate) + pages spent reading this evening (adult books): 2 hours or 120 pages

Time spent reading with my son this afternoon: 0 minutes

TOTAL time (approximate) + pages read today: about 6 hours, 300 pages

TOTAL time reading with my son: 50 minutes

Up next: I do want to try reading a bit more of The Fate of Africa before I get too tired. This last week, I also began (less than 5% read) the following three novels: The Memoirs of a Geisha, Half of a Yellow Sun, and Emma. I’m tempted to find something short to read so I can feel link I’m making progress, but I know if I like any of those three novels, I’ll not want to put it down.

*12:45 a.m.

It’s only been three hours since my last update but I’m done for now. Maybe in the morning I’ll read a little more before 7 a.m., when the readathon ends. At this point, I’m stopping. My mistake was I took a break from reading HALF OF A YELLOW SUN (which was keeping my attention) to look at Biafra on Wikipedia. That led me to the mini-challenges and … well, I’m just so tired now. I could PROBABLY keep going but I know I have to get up in five hours or so, so I’ll stop now.

This has been fun! Thanks for reading with me. It doesn’t look like I’ve gotten through much if you look at my numbers, but it has been fun just jumping in to reading and focusing on it today! I feel I am making progress on all these books I have.

What I read tonight (between 9:45 and 12:45 a.m.):

  • The Fate of Africa. I only got through another 15 pages (264-278; 30 minutes) before my head started getting the dizzy feeling that means I’m going to fall asleep. So I switched to a different book.
  • Half of a Yellow Sun. So engaging. 95 pages (pages 110-205; 1 hour 20 minutes) went so quickly. Then I stopped to check mini-challenges and I lost my groove. If I haven’t stopped, I would have read another 100 pages without noticing…

Time (approximate) + pages spent reading tonight (adult books): 1 hour, 50 minutes or 110 pages

Time spent reading with my son tonight: 0 minutes (he’s asleep!)

Mini-challenges: 2 in 30 minutes. So hard to write coherent sentences after midnight.

TOTAL time (approximate) + pages read today: about 7 hours, 50 minutes; 425 pages

TOTAL time reading with my son: 50 minutes

Reviewed on October 9, 2010

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  • I really am astonished by the amount of pages people have read by now. I am stuck at 160!

    I especially like how your post paints a picture of a nice family saturday combined with reading 🙂

  • See, you have real distractions! Other than the kids this morning, finding new blogs and following the twitter stream has been distracting for me. *laughing* I’m taking a bit of a break while I still have some sanity left You’re doing great!

  • I hadn’t stopped by yet to check in, but here you are asleep already! 😉 I’m headed to bed as well, since its about 3 am and my eyes are TIRED.

    I’m glad you got some reading accomplished today. It is such a great feeling to know that goals were reached!

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