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Book Blogger Appreciation Week may be a month past already, but I’ve been thinking home much I enjoyed sharing one of my newly discovered “treasure” in blogging. I had a hard time deciding which blogger to share about that week, so I have decided I’ll try to make it a habit to talk about some bloggers I’ve found in the past year, month, week or days. The first week of the month (or there abouts), I’ll suggest a new blogger to each of you, with brief thoughts on why I’m enjoying their blog.

(If I get my act together, I’ll think of a clever name for this monthly personal meme and I’ll create a button for myself. Maybe by next month.)

Which leads me to my next spotlight: Sasha & The Silverfish.

I first read a post on Sasha’s blog during one of the Classics Circuits, and her post on a Tolstoy essay included such lovely pictures of her marginalia that, even though writing in books makes me cringe, it was so beautiful that maybe I could see myself writing in books too if it would be so beautiful in the end. She calls her writings on what she’s read “marginalia” and it’s very appropriate. She says of her blog on her “introduction” page:

This is, mostly, about marginalia. Also, of course, about words.

And Sasha has a wonderful way with words. As she writes about both classics and contemporary fiction, she writes in such a wonderful way that I want to have a similar reaction. I wish I saw things as she did! (Although, I know it’s nice that we all see things in our own ways.)

Take her recent comments on a collection of Daphne Du Maurier stories:

Come to think of it, as much as the plot’s a guessing game for me most of the time [I suppose this is a flaw?], I’m crazy about how du Maurier writes ambiance, constructs her worlds. … I love how she unfolds a character’s mind, tracing its trajectory from neutral to barely-holding-on-to-sanity when faced with reality’s revelation.

Is that not beautiful way of describing her reaction to the stories? I feel like I must get my hands on that Du Maurier collection because she’s convinced me it’s wonderful by her insights! She’s adopted a new project to read more classics in the coming year, and I know it won’t surprise you to know that that makes me happy!

I should also mention that she includes her own photos her own artwork (sketches and artwork) to her posts and I like that to. Sasha and the Silverfish a wonderful new treasure to me in the blogosphere. If you enjoy classics and contemporary fiction, and I hope you consider checking out her beautiful blog too!

Reviewed on October 4, 2010

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  • I completely agree with re: Sasha. I love how she writes, how she describe her emotions and everything regarding her way of words. Wonder if she would consider writing a novel or even a collection of essays? Keep this feature up. I’ve a feeling I will be discovering some wonderful bloggers.

  • What a kind and thoughtful spotlight! I discovered Sasha’s blog during Book Blogger Appreciation Week last month. Her lovely writing, plus the photos of her beautiful tiny handwriting, drew me in. I want to take notes everywhere about everything, but only if it will look like hers! I completely agree with you: “she writes in such a wonderful way that I want to have a similar reaction.”

    I quite like this new feature and look forward to reading future “episodes”. Way to carry the community spirit of BBAW over into the rest of the year!

  • I have never been to her blog before, but I am definitely going to be spending some time there in the future. Thank you for the great recommendation in her direction!

  • I love Sasha’s blog and especially that she always manages to find and express her thoughts in her own “voice”. I’m not sure how to explain it other than that.

  • Oh my goodness — I’ve been out of the loop lately, and just saw this. This is wonderful, thank you so much for featuring me. You’ve all made my day so much brighter. Also, please know that I am blushing. You’re all crazy and lovely. <3

    • Sasha, I’m sorry this happened to be posted at the same time as your sad news. I hope you both are doing okay now, and no worries about being out of the loop! Just take care of yourselves. And thanks for the great blog I can show to my blogging friends!

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