Olive and Snowflake by Tammie Lyon

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The book Olive and Snowflake by Tammie Lyon (Marvell Cavendish, 2011) shows a girl and her dog who have some issues: Olive is clumsy and messy, and her dog likewise causes messes and gets them both in trouble! When Olive’s parents give an ultimatum (obedience school or the dog must go!), Olive wonders if she can improve her behavior too. Never fear, there is a satisfying conclusion.

The illustrations are done in acrylic and pencil and are very friendly. Raisin liked this little dog and his owner. While I had a little bit of hesitation at Olive’s apparent confusion that her parents would send her away (Would a girl really worry about that and misunderstand what “obedience school” is?), overall the story is a fun one that shows how two best friends – one furry – learn to improve their behavior.

Reviewed on December 6, 2011

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