Peek Inside Little Red Riding Hood

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Peek Inside a Fairy Tale: Little Red Riding Hood is an Usborne book board book with a few flaps and peek inside pages. You can see the next scene from the current scene. It is a really nice quality board book and the pictures are lots of fun. My daughter enjoyed the fact that she could see the next page just a little bit through the trees and wanted to warn Little Red Riding Hood to be careful of the sneaky wolf!

Little Red Riding Hood is a perfect story for this type of book. It gave the reader the feeling of being inside the forest, and the trees thinned as we approached Grandmother’s house. The peek inside portions gave a mysterious feel.

In this version of the story, the grandmother and the child are swallowed whole and the woodcutter cut them out; they then cleverly sew rocks into the wolf’s stomach so he never again can trick people into being eaten. Of course, this was not the original telling of the story, but it certainly is a safe way to go about it for my preschooler.

She loves to pour over the rich illustrations and delights in the ability to peek into the next scenes. We really enjoy this book.

Reviewed on March 18, 2016

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