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This is a listing of books (mostly fiction), organized century, that I have reviewed on the site . A link to a review on this site is provided where available. I have omitted modern nonfiction and children’s picture books, although I have included some classic children literature (non-picture books). I have also tried to label the decade in which each work was written.

Note that some works or collections were written over the course of many decades or, in the case of older works, centuries. This may be because the exact dates are unknown or because the work I read was a collection of many writings. In such cases, I have labeled the work as I felt appropriate, possibly when the first was written or the average of the publication dates. There may be errors; please let me know if you observe any egregious ones. This is for my own use, but of course you may review it and provide any feedback or suggestions as are appropriate.

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Ancient History (Before the Common Era)

  • (800 BCE) Homer, The Odyssey, trans. Robert Fagles (1990s) [POET]
  • (600s BCE) Sappho; If Not, Winter: Fragments of Sappho, translated by Anne Carlson [POET]
  • (700 BCE) Homer, The Iliad, trans. Robert Fagles (1990s) [POET]
  • (400s BCE) Euripides, Hippolytus, trans Gilbert Murray (1910s) [DRAMA]
  • (400s BCE) Euripides; Medea, translated by Rex Warner (1940s) [DRAMA]
  • (330s BCE) Aristotle; Poetics

1st century (1-99 A.D.)

2nd century (100-199 A.D.)

3rd century (200-299 A.D.)

4th century (300-399 A.D.)

5th century (400-499 A.D.)

6th century (500-599 A.D.)

7th century (600-699 A.D.)

8th century (700-799 A.D.)

9th century (800-899 A.D.)

10th century (900-999 A.D.)

  • (900s) Shonagon, Sei; The Pillow Book, translated by Ivan Morris (1950s)
  • (900s) Beowulf translated by Seamus Heaney

11th century (1000-1099 A.D.)

12th century (1100-1199 A.D.)

13th century (1200-1299 A.D.)

14th century (1300-1399 A.D.)

15th century (1400-1499 A.D.)

16th century (1500-1599 A.D.)

17th century (1600-1699 A.D.)

18th century (1700-1799 A.D.)

19th century (1800-1899 A.D.)

20th century (1900-1999 A.D.)

21st century (2000-current A.D.)

updated 31 October 2012

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