Taco Falls Apart by Brenda S. Miles

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In Taco Falls Apart by Brenda S. Miles and Monika Filipina (Magination Press, August 2023) young readers are introduced to a friendly taco who grapples with overwhelming expectations and eventually experiences a breakdown. This cleverly crafted picture book employs the “Think-Feel-Do” method to teach children how to manage overwhelming situations. With the support of Nacho and other vegetable characters, Taco learns to challenge his negative thoughts and replace them with more empowering ones. Although the book’s somewhat didactic nature may not make it an immediate choice for independent reading, its valuable message makes it a helpful book for teaching children that need this message.

Although Taco Falls Apart may not be the go-to book for children seeking a purely entertaining read-aloud experience, its significance lies in its ability to impart important lessons. The book effectively explores the concept of positive thinking, using humor and colorful illustrations to engage young readers. With the presence of vibrant vegetable friends, the story becomes interactive and memorable. When children are in need of guidance in cultivating a positive mindset, the amusing journey of Taco and his companions will serve as a valuable resource.

Three pages of end matter give insight explanations and examples of “one-sided thinking,” helping caregivers and teachers to better understand and identify such patterns. Additionally, practical suggestions and ideas for working with children give me invaluable guidance in helping my children develop positive thinking habits. This end matter helps make Taco Falls Apart a valuable tool for caregivers, educators, and parents.

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Reviewed on June 23, 2023

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