The Daisy Books by Sandra Feder

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Raisin enjoyed reading the early chapter books about a word-loving girl named Daisy. In Daisy’s Defining Day by Sandra Feder, Daisy discovers the joy of alliteration and finds herself as she seeks out the perfect alliterative title for herself. As she searches for some fun phrases to enjoy, she also learns a few lessons about friendship and how to deal with people who think differently from herself. It’s a fun excursion into language, and it is also a nice story for a child who, like my son, does not always think about what other’s think since the world seems to revolve around themselves!

Similarly, in Daisy’s Perfect Word, another book in the series, Daisy learns that her teacher is getting married so she wants to find the perfect word to share with her as a wedding gift. As she goes through her days, she writes her favorite words in a notebook so she will remember them. It’s a fun search for a word and I loved her ultimate discovery!

My son enjoyed reading these books. I believe he would like to make his own search for alliterative phrases and “perfect words.” After he read them both, he asked me if there are any more Daisy books! He wants to visit her world again. I’d like to as well!

Note: I received a digital review copy of Daisy’s Defining Day.

Reviewed on August 27, 2013

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