The Giant Book of Creativity for Kids by Bobbi Conner

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The Giant Book of Creativity for Kids by Bobbi Conner (Roost Books, March 2015) is just packed full of creative ideas for engaging our kids of all ages in fun and educational activities. In more than 400 pages, Ms Connor shares insights for incorporating crafts, music, movement, drawing, pretending, building, and more into the daily routines and special days for kids from infancy to 12. 

I have never felt like I was an incredibly creative person when it came to crafts, but The Giant Book helped me to see the ways that other things I do with my kids are creative. Some of the ideas were ones I’d implemented before or enjoyed with my kids already. But other things helped me to see just how easy it is to be creative with our children. The key is spontaneity, and being willing to embrace creativity when the moments are right.

The Giant Book of Creativity is truly huge, with so many pages that, reading in a digital copy, I was unable to fully get through the book before my file expired. It would be best for the busy mom to have on hand in print, handy for days when kids may say, “I’m bored.” Or, maybe it would be great for a mom to browse through when thinking of birthday party games or Friday fun night activities. At any rate, I was incredibly impressed with the book. Many of the ideas have been found before, but I cannot think of another volume that so cohesively presents them to the busy parent. This is a resource to have around!

Note: I received a digital copy of this book from the publisher for review consideration. 

Reviewed on April 29, 2015

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