A Timeline History of the Thirteen Colonies by Mary K. Pratt

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Happy Independence Day! To celebrate America’s special holiday, I thought I’d review a patriotic and historical book.

Visual learning is best for many young kids. A Timeline History of the Thirteen Colonies by Mary K. Pratt (Lerner, November 2014) provides a visual understanding of history by representing some of the main events in the development of the American colonies via a timeline.

The bottom of each page illustrates the events on the titular timeline, while the top of each page has text describing the history in more detail. Photographs and other images support the text and timeline. Each of the original main colonies that will become states is highlighted.

In some respects dividing history by states does not seem to work too well for me, as all the states are interconnected in history to some extent. Nevertheless, because most of the colonies did originate individually, the organization makes sense. The timeline on each page adds a lot to the appeal and usefulness of the text.

Altogether, A Timeline History of the Thirteen Colonies works as a quick and easy reference for students to use while doing research on the early years of America. I anticipate looking for the other books in the “Timeline Trackers” series for use in our homeschool.

Note: I received a digital review copy of this book from the publisher for review consideration.

Reviewed on July 4, 2014

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