Toddler Picture Book Favorites

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My daughter has developed a love for reading. It’s not surprising, given the number of books by which she is surrounded. What I’m finding somewhat amusing and annoying is that right now she has a very definite preference for what books we read together: she wants the ones she has read before, and if I try to read something else (to Raisin, for example), she gets very mad and throws a book and has a fit. I suppose this is perfectly normal for 17 months old.

Her favorite book right now seems to be Teeth are Not for Biting by Elizabeth Verdick. This book choice was my fault: I wanted her to stop biting! Now we read it over and over again. I suppose, once again, this is a good thing. Now she’ll say “ouch!” each time I read it in the book. Maybe next time she bites and I yell “ouch” she’ll get the picture.

She also enjoys the rhymes in Home Sweet Tree and The Spooky Old Tree by Stan and Jan Berenstain. These Berenstain Bears books are for a lower reading level than the traditional “learn a lesson” Berenstain Bears books, and she likes to hear the rhythm and rhymes in them. The Spooky Old Tree is one of my favorites, so I don’t mind it so much. Although reading it five times in a row gets a bit tiring.

What picture books is your toddler reading right now?

Reviewed on August 5, 2013

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