The Arabian Nights II, trans. by Husain Haddawy

After I finished reading Husain Haddawy’s translation of The Arabian Nights (reviewed here), I still felt unfulfilled. I turned to The Arabian Nights II to get Haddawy’s translation of some of the traditional stories. In the end, I now have a better appreciation for the first volume of stories: those first stories were by far superior to these.Continue Reading

Reading Journal (12 Aug): You Know You Have Been Reading Too Much When…

…you sit down to dinner with your 22-month old and he says “Book? Book?” and points to a book on the near-by shelf.

I guess I have had my nose in a book a lot lately. (In my defense, my husband has been out of town, my son takes forever to eat, and I don’t usually read during dinner, just during breakfast and lunch…)

How do you know you have been reading too much? Or is there such a thing?

This past weekend was a wake-up call to slow down my reading once again. I didn’t read a book for two days! I enjoyed my reading-filled July (with a  record number of pages!), but I suspect the rest of August will find me reading less compulsively, reading more classics, and trying to be less calendar-driven (i.e., challenge-driven). I’m really missing the spontaneity of reading whatever classic is calling to me.

I say all that, but I’ve apparently already finished six books this month. When did that happen?Continue Reading

Abraham Lincoln: A Man of Faith and Courage by Joe Wheeler

I am fascinated by Abraham Lincoln, and last month’s reread of Newbery-winner Lincoln: A Photobiography (reviewed here) only reinforced that.

Anthologist and “historian of ideas” Joe Wheeler has also been fascinated by Lincoln, and he spent seventeen years studying the fascinating man and collecting stories about him. Abraham Lincoln: A Man of Faith and Courage is Joe Wheeler’s collection of favorite stories from the life of the sixteenth president, focusing on the development of Lincoln’s faith and morals.

I really enjoyed the stories Wheeler collected. The book was personable and readable, so it moved quickly. Because I am religious, I appreciated the emphasis on Lincoln’s faith, and the first-person, opinionated side-notes, while completely unnecessary, made it feel like I was sitting by a rocking chair listening to my grandpa (or someone else’s grandpa) tell his favorite stories from Lincoln’s life. It felt like a book of reminiscences.Continue Reading

Like Water For Chocolate Winner!

I’m back to blogging after a busy family-filled weekend. My brother got married on Saturday. The bride was beautiful, and it was a wonderful day (and weekend) overall.

I wanted to write a post with the BBAW meme, among other things, but I just spent more than two hours going through Google Reader and reading and commenting on blogs. Instead of staying up later, I’m going to dispense with the meme for now and give you a winner.

The winner of Like Water for Chocolate is….

Brittany of Deckled Edges!

I’ve sent you an email; please send me your address and I’ll get that to you this week.