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Apparently, my RSS feed has been broken for some time. I realized it yesterday and righted the wrong, so if you received two months of posts at once, I apologize. I am still here. I am not posting as frequently. I am still reading, but not as much. Life is very busy!

Baby Strawberry celebrated her first birthday this weekend. Raisin is well in to his kindergarten year and I’m already making plans for next year. My involvement with his homeschooling is bringing me into a new community of educators. I even started a blog about homeschooling, learning, and teaching. It is a much more personal blog. If you are interested, come check it out.

My logo for Line upon line, my homeschooling blog, echos the logo for Rebecca Reads, but now there are three faces peering over the book

In terms of reading, I tackled Dead Souls by Gogol for my Classics Book group last week. I thought it was hilarious in its subtle humor.  I have lots of thoughts about it, but I am once again not certain how to put my thoughts and feelings in to words in the limited time I have. I also read another parenting/teaching book, a nonfiction book via netgalley to review, and I have more review books in progress.

I am still reading a nonfiction book about Shakespeare for my “Begin with the Bard” project. If I manage to finish that before the end of February, I will have gotten to two plays and two nonfiction books for Shakespeare in January and February. Those are pretty low numbers for that project, but since four books is a huge percentage of what I read in the last two months, it isn’t too shabby!

What are you keeping busy with these days?

Reviewed on February 25, 2013

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  1. Glad to see you back, your RSS feed suddenly showing all the posts was actually welcoming πŸ™‚ You may be busy but your blog and reading plans are interesting.

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