Any Interest in a May Read-Along of Paradise Lost?

I know May is still three months away, but I just want to gauge interest and see what you all think. I loved reading Paradise Lost a decade ago when I was in college and I’ve been thinking it’s about time to revisit it. The language of the poem was so beautiful, and I loved the retelling of the Adam and Eve story.

Because it is epic poetry (and it’s so great I’d love for others to join me!), I’m hoping that someone else might like to read along with me. My copy (Norton Critical Edition) is about 300 pages, and there are 12 books. I’d probably post once a week about three of the books, and I could link to any participant’s posts each week too.

Here’s the idea:

Week of May 3: Books 1-3

Week of May 10: Books 4-6

Week of May 17: Books 7-9

Week of May 24: Books 10-12

Is three books a week reasonable for other people that might be interested? We could do two books a week, and go into June, but then it might feel slow, I don’t know.

Why May? Well, I’m participating in the Lord of the Rings read-along starting next month and going through April and I need to also read Crime and Punishment for my April book club. May gives me time to get ready for it. Besides, doesn’t the story of Adam and Eve in a garden just call for springtime? (At least, it will be springtime for the Northern hemisphere.) I could also wait until June if that’s better for others.

And one other thing: I need a catchy name. I almost called it Milton in May, but since Woolf in Winter is kind of the same thing, I don’t want to appear to be copying on the alliteration thing…

Would you like to join me in reading Paradise Lost? Even just one person reading with me would make me happy!

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  1. Um, yes? I am in love with this idea – I want to reread Paradise Lost this year anyway (I’m doing it for the Horns & Haloes Challenge and also just because I love it) but it’d be more fun with a buddy or two. πŸ˜›

    I like Milton in May as a name, but I will try to think of something else that isn’t alliterative…

  2. Really? Paradise Lost? “None ever wished it longer than it is” – Dr. Johnson.

    Johnson was right. It’s just the right length. Yes, I’m in, absolutely!

  3. Hmmm. I can’t believe I’m considering this since I’ve failed to read this twice before but I just might. It’s the only book I’ve ever started that I haven’t finished. But unlike you finding it amazing, I hated every minute of it both in high school and in grad school. Ironically, I wrote papers on it both times without ever finishing it. And it made me sorry that Milton’s daughters transcribed for the misogynistic old windbag. πŸ˜‰ Even so, I hate that it defeated me twice. Maybe third time’s a charm.

  4. I’m definitely in! June works better for me, *but* will still participate in May for sure. I loved this when I read it in college (a decade ago as well, YIKES!) Awesome idea.

  5. I’ll probably pass on this, but I highly encourage anyone who hasn’t read it to read it. It’s really wonderful, but also complicated, and I think a read-a-long would be a great way to approach it.

  6. Yes! Count me in. I don’t have any May or June reading commitments yet, so this is perfect. Also, I find that ancient verse things just work so much better when I have someone to chat with about them.

  7. Yeay! Glad there is interest.

    Kristen, interesting comment about misogynism. I read a lot of Milton in college and never got that, but I maybe because the Biblical originals don’t come across to me as misogynistic? I’ll have to keep your comment in mind as I read this time.

    Maybe I’ll just call it Milton in May, even if I’m copying the “alliteration” thing. It’s catchy πŸ™‚

  8. Aww, I would have loved to join you Rebecca, but this year I think I’m already over-committed so I’m going to try to be realistic with myself and perhaps schedule this book for next year.

    Have fun reading! πŸ™‚

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