Milton in May: A Paradise Lost Read-Along

I mentioned this a few months ago, and here is another reminder. I’m reading some Milton in May, and I thought I’d open it up to anyone who may care to join me. My main goal is to read Paradise Lost, although I may read some other poetry and discuss it as well. I’d love for you to join for the Paradise Lost read-along or you could just read something else Miltonian.

I recall really enjoying Paradise Lost and Milton’s other works when I read them in college, so I’m really looking forward to pulling out my Complete Milton and browsing and sharing more thoughts.

I will probably start reading Paradise Lost the last week of April, and so the time schedule will be as follows, with my post on Monday or Tuesday of the week. You can read and write about it at your own pace.

Week of May 3: Books 1-3

Week of May 10: Books 4-6

Week of May 17: Books 7-9

Week of May 24: Books 10-12

I want to keep things pretty low key, but I do want to make sure I catch all the other posts you write about Paradise Lost or other Milton poems or works. If you also write a post about Paradise Lost or any other Milton during that week, add a link on the Linky so we can find each other.

I don’t blog on Saturdays or Sundays, so I also won’t be moderating or responding on those days, but I’ll try to stay caught up the rest of the time. I’m looking forward to immersing myself in Milton’s wonderful poetry! I hope you will join in too.

Poetic and Dramatic Works by Milton (via Wikipedia)

See Wikipedia for discussion of prose by John Milton.

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  1. Goody, I’m in! I have a brand new shiny copy of Paradise Lost that needs breaking in. I may be late with my update posts as May is going to be a month of Major Upheaval – but I’ll enjoy seeing what everyone else has to say!
    .-= Jenny´s last post on blog ..Review: Remembrance, Theresa Breslin =-.

  2. I’ll definitely be reading this with you 🙂 So glad you organized this – I am always in awe of how hard-working and well organized you are!
    .-= Jason Gignac´s last post on blog ..Solder =-.

  3. I’ve been debating and debating joining you in this and then GoodReads sent me an e-mail about their e-reader and free classics. And lo and behold there was Paradise Lost. I figured it was fate 🙂 I’ll join in as much as I can.
    .-= Zee´s last post on blog ..Book Review: Anne of the Island =-.

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