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Here are some miscellaneous things going on around the blogosphere. Also, remember to come back on Monday because I’m having a little giveaway/contest in honor of my one-year anniversary of when I began Rebecca Reads.

Lord of the Flies Revisited

I loved all the comments on my post about Lord of the Flies. In fact, your comments convinced me that maybe there is reason students study it in high school. I hated it as an adult, but it seems many people connected with it as teens. You changed my mind. (I still hate it, but I see there is a point to reading it as a teenager.)

Do posts you write ever cause you to change your mind about something? I personally love the discussion we had via comments.

After I wrote my post, I went to the Nobel Prize website to see what other works Golding wrote. I found an interactive game about Lord of the Flies. Even more interesting to me, they have a few dozen games relating to various Nobel Prizes: from blood typing to Pavlov’s dog to DNA. I had some fun this weekend; if you’re interested in wasting some time (in an educational way!), you may enjoy it too.

Bookworms Carnival

Also, the Pulitzer Winners Bookworms Carnival is up at Book Club Classics, with links to some great Pulitzer reviews. The beginning of the month also had a Mystery Bookworm Carnival at Book News and Reviews. There are a few reviews there that look interesting (although I can’t leave a comment to say so!).

According to the Bookworms Carnival website, the next carnival (edition 29) is hosted by Steve at Jewish Literary Review, with a deadline May 8, 2009 and a theme of Holocaust Literature. I’ve only read one thing that will fit, but I know lots of people have reviewed things that may work. To submit a post, email steve at jewishliteraryreview dot com. Why not email a link to Steve right now?

Edition 30 is another great topic that I am looking forward to: Books about Books. More info about what Michelle is looking can be found here. If you’ve reviewed something that relates, send an email with a link to Michelle at Biblio.Me by May 22, 2009. Her email is admin at inthelouvre dot org. Get your reviews in! I look forward to seeing the carnival.

What are you going to submit?

Another Challenge

I’m not joining another challenge, but I thought I’d mention this for those who are interested. Rose City Reader is hosting her first challenge: Sunshine Smackdown Battle of the Prizes. Read one Pultizer winner, one National Book Award winner, and one book that won both the Pulitzer and the National Book Award (“double dipper”). It runs until Labor Day. If you’re interested, visit the link above.

Reviewed on May 2, 2009

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