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I’ve been procrastinating on blog maintenance issues for a week now, saying that “I’ll do that during Bloggiesta” so I really should get started on doing something now that Bloggiesta is here! I’m back from work at the library and ready for a weekend.

Here’s my running list of things to do. I’ll cross it off as I made progress, I’ll add to the list, and on Sunday I’ll post a wrap-up of how much time I ended up spending and what I got done. I rarely have a lot of time to work on my blog during the weekend, so I’m really only hoping for about six hours, although I’d love ten hours.

I may continue my own Bloggiesta on Monday if I don’t get a lot done now!!

  • 2009 in Review (spreadsheet)
  • 2009 in Review (post)
  • Post a Spice of Life review round-up
  • Read Spice of Life Reviews and leave comments on posts
  • Post a Really Old Classics mini-review round up
  • Read Really Old Classics posts and leave comments
  • Update and create lists and explanations of current challenges/personal projects for personal project page (in progress)
  • Update Reading Lists pages (in progress)
  • Create a 1,000 Books project button
  • Update Reviews by Title pages
  • Review Google Reader (i.e., delete some subscriptions? Maybe?)
  • Reformat pictures on older posts
  • Rewrite About page
  • Find a new tag plugin
  • Write some backup posts about reading/blogging/etc.
  • Classics Reading Group discussion questions

P.S. Sorry for the double-post today. I really wanted to get that review up, and since I didn’t have much to say about Housman, it seemed like it would not overwhelm you all. I don’t intend to post before Sunday night but I might have my 2009 year in review up tomorrow!

ETA: Friday night, almost midnight. I’ve just spent about 8 hours this afternoon/evening/night doing a few things on the list. And it’s barely dented. I may not get much more time this weekend but then again I might!

ETA: Monday night, 8:30. I spent another 1 or 2 hours on Saturday, no time on Sunday and about 2 1/2 hours today. Slowly and surely. I shouldn’t have procrastinated it all!

Reviewed on January 8, 2010

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  • It’s funny that you’ve been putting off blog maintenance, and I’ve been really restraining myself! I have wanted to do maintenance for the last two weeks but kept saying, No, I have to wait until Bloggiesta!

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