DNA Detective by Tanya Lloyd Kyi

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DNA Detective by Tanya Lloyd Kyi and illustrated by Lil Crump is a information-packed book to explain the basics of forensics with the frame of a robbery that needs to be solved. I enjoyed reading the story, and since I love crime shows, I loved the forensics in it too!

DNA Detective jumps right in to the cartoon mystery: jewels have been stolen! But the majority of DNA Detective tells the true story of how evidence left on the scene can tell the story about what happened.

Chapters first focus on what DNA is and the basics of genetics. This includes a look at heredity and the history of discovery of genetics as well as what chromosomes mean. Then, the chapters look at the mapping of DNA and the human genome. Finally, the last full chapter discusses genetic modification, cloning, and identical twins, with lots of emphasis on the ethical dilemmas of this era. The information is so detailed in its breadth, and yet it is told in a down-to-earth and amusing style that makes it fun to read.

In between each of the factual chapters are a page or two of cartoon showing the investigator eliminating some suspects. Can the reader use the information just learned to eliminate some suspects too?

I loved the frame of the mystery to add additional interest to the text, and the facts given in the chapters were well written. DNA Detective is a great choice for someone interested in genetics. There is so much to explore within its pages!

Note: I received a digital copy of this book from the publisher for review consideration.

Reviewed on January 15, 2016

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