(Kid Review) Rooting for You by Susan Hood

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My six-year-old loves to read! It’s time he shares his thoughts on what he’s reading. I am always pleased when he wants to write about his reading: a budding reviewer in his own right!

Rooting for You: A Moving Up Story by Susan Hood and illustrated by Matthew Cordell. This book is about a seed growing. At the beginning of the book, the seed was scared to grow up. When he got bored, he stuck a root out. It was frustrating because he bumped into a rock! But then a worm talked to him and made him want to grow.  The seed met a spider, and bugs and ants were with him as he grows up. When he got out into the fresh air, he kept growing until he was a big, big, big sunflower!

I like the way how the author made everything underground (except the dirt) and some things above ground talk. I also liked the pictures. Some of them were fold-out pictures as the seed grew bigger!

Mom’s thoughts: I loved this book the first time I read it! The journey of a seed is a perfect spring theme, and I love the creative voice in this book. What is a seed thinking as it grows? Obviously, it does not really have thoughts but is interesting to pretend. I think Growing Up would be a great book to add to a plant unit or to a unit on how we all grow up and change.

Reviewed on May 12, 2014

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