I’m a Big Brother and When You Were Inside Mommy by Joanna Cole

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Since I was sick for a while this summer, for a time, my son’s only understanding of Mommy’s having a baby has been “Mommy is sick a lot.” But now that I’m feeling better and we’ve seen the little Monkey on an ultrasound and all that, my son is getting quite excited. I’m currently 17 weeks pregnant and my son is almost 4. I don’t look huge yet, but he loves to talk to the baby through my belly and sometimes pretends “baby” is crying and needs a hug. I don’t mind the extra hugs. He also prays, at random times through the day, “to please bless Mommy to not throw up again.” I don’t mind the extra prayers either.

Some big brother books have been quite a hit around our house. The first author we read was Joanna Cole, who happens to have a few books relating to growing a baby and dealing with a new sibling. I first encountered Joanna Cole’s helpful picture books back when my was in the process of toilet training: he really enjoyed reading of young Michael’s story of success in My Big Boy Potty (thoughts here).  Likewise, Ms. Cole’s two illustrated books relating to childbirth were ones my son identified with.

I’m a Big Brother (HarperCollins, 1997) captures the changes that come to a young boy’s family when a little sibling joins the mix. It emphasizes that babies do different things from a toddler/preschooler, and my son liked relating to the boy who became a big brother. (Joanna Cole also has the similar I’m a Big Sister).

The spectacular When You Were Inside Mommy by Joanna Cole (HarperCollins, 2001) explains the process of pregnancy in simple terms perfect for a three-year-old child. After we read this book, my son took to explaining to me how a baby is made in his words, and I’d suggest it’s the perfect go-to book for a parent hoping to explain to a young preschooler just how babies are grown inside Mommy’s belly.

I’ve read so many more books about babies with my son. Click on the babies tag to find them all.

P.S. I’ll find out in just a few weeks if Monkey is a boy or a girl. Which do you predict?

Reviewed on September 22, 2011

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  • Um, yeah – you don’t look huge. When I saw you last night you hardly looked pregnant!
    I voted for the girl, but a part of me wanted to vote for Monkey for Raisin’s sake 🙂

  • Wow, i am 17 weeks too! We must be due around the same day – I’m due 29 Feb, what about you? The only baby book we have so far is one called “Babies!” (original title I know) about babies from birth – toddler. We also have another one specifically for first time fathers. A colleague of my partner bought them for us at a garage sale which was really lovely.

    iIt’s our first so no other kids books are required yet, but they seem like good suggestions.

  • Many of David’s and my friends have had babies over the past year, and every single one of them has been a boy. (We figured the odds on this and it was something like .01%.) So I’m guessing Monkey will also be a boy, because that seems to be the pattern around here. That said, I kind of hope for a girl because then you’ll have one of each! 🙂

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