Missed Connections by Sophie Blackall

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Way back in August and September, Jenny from Reading the End suggested I read Sophie Blackall’s illustrated book based on the personal “missed connections” posts found on Craig’s List.

I love her illustration style, as I mentioned when I reviewed her picture book. Missed Connections captures the personal ads just perfectly with Ms Blackall’s style. The pictures are sassy, amusing, and friendly. And there is something about the entire concept of a “missed connection” that gives the illustrations a sense of seriousness and contemplation. 

If you did not know, a “missed connection” is when two strangers connect in some way in public, only to continue on without further discussion. So, the girl who gave a boy a tissue when he got a bloody nose. The man who smiled at the pretty girl on the train but did not say anything. The person in the park reading your favorite book. You may not continue the relationship, but you may find yourself wondering, later, what would have happened if you had said something more.

Ms. Blackall takes the most interesting “missed connections” and illustrates them. These people come alive. While most of the people who post “missed connections” never get a response, with Ms Blackall’s fun collection of illustrations, we get a glimpse into the emotions we all encounter even upon the briefest of encounters with strangers, and it’s definitely fun to image the “what if”?

Reviewed on October 10, 2014

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  • Aw, glad you liked it. Some of the subway trains in New York have art on them — it’s part of a project I guess to make subway commutes less hateful, which totally works btw — and one of the pieces of art they have is a thing by Sophie Blackall based on her illustrations of Missed Connections. I love it! Before I left New York I bought one for myself at the NYC Transit Museum.

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